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Whyte the full interview


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Don't even want to watch it, makes me feel sick with hatred. I'll watch eventually.

Faither had BBC on and the reporter said "He claims he didn't dupe Mr. Murray but he did mislead the fans".

What a tremendous fucking cunt.

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He really is a piece of work. Doesnt think he owes anyone an apology, won't deny making money out of all this and just so self justifying and oblivious to the actual reality of things than his own self created reality. He should never be allowed anywhere near a company again, however I dare say with the money he made from Rangers he can probably retire :mad:

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Listening to it just now and what a lying little bug-eyed cretin. This is the man who lied to Murray, the old board, Lloyds, Ticketus, the fans, the shareholders, the SPL & SFA, the BBC and every other media outlet. Why should we believe anything he says and more to the point, why are the BBC interviewing him after he lied to them?

He says he knew the Club was heading into administration so why did he agree to the expenditure at the start of that season, increased contracts to players, etc.?

He's a disgusting excuse for a human being with not a shred of remorse. I'd love to have 5 minutes alone with him.

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He's as slippery as an eel, looks like he walked away with his pockets jingling, reckons our current position should be seen as a success of his tenure and to top it all, by being economical with the truth hasnt actually lied on the bringing in of CG

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Stomach churning!

I cant get my head round what he thinks he can gain from giving this interview.

It confirms to one and all that he is a professional liar.

I will be overly peeved if he is allowed the time to spend his earnings from this debacle.

He has stepped on so many toes,on his way to turning a profit, that there is surely some justice on its way to this snivelling,squirming weasel,whether it be through the courts or on a more personal,emotional level.

One thing is for sure.If he decides to take Mr Green to task,there will only be one winner.

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