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Rooney will leave united!

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He will go - I think he is becoming a liability to Moyes as he is the one destabilising element in a club that its trying to provide some continuity due to the management change. Moyes doesn't need that at this time and I think the new manager is well shot of him.

I think he will stay in England - he is a chav - probably the thought of living on the continent and the associated different cultures and language barrier would be his worst nightmare..

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Why would Barca want Rooney haha? He's no were near good enough for that team.

I can see Moyes offering a swap deal for Fabregas with Barca but can't see Barca going for that.

I think Man Utd/Moyes are in a bit of difficulty because they want rid of him but they don't really want to sell him to an EPL rival but their domestic rivals appear to be the only teams interested.

Should be interesting my money is he'll end up at Chelsea. Can't see him staying at United now (tu)

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Jose has played a blinder again.

United are already in turmoil before a ball has been kicked while Jose stokes the flames from his sofa.

Moyes made Rooney out to be a back up while Jose has made him out to be a number 1, next step is for Rooney to hand in the transfer request which will be required to waive any bonuses due.

Gotta love oor Mourinho!

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