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Favourite Home Jersey?

The Godfather

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thats my favourite by a long shot and actually was the first Rangers shirt I ever saw: saw a Rangers team photo in a shoot magazine way back in 1983. wish I still had the mag.

I see you can get them from the online shop too so might just pick one of em up (tu)

classic design and can't be beaten imo

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The adidas top is my fav ever top and gave it away in Canada as they had a taig top behind bar and got to take it down and replace it with my treasured top.

didn't want Calgary poisoned by beasts!

haha classic daz (tu)

did you get the pleasure of burning the rag as well? or did the pub just use it as a new doormat?

shame you're not a skinny bugger like me as I have a couple spare medium size addidas tops and I would have sent you one :lol:

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02/03 kit with the lions on it. Got one with the lion right at the front of it

Interesting; I could never really warm to that top, mainly because I didn't like the collar on it

these days I have trouble wearing any top that doesn't have the 5 stars above the club badge either... just seems empty without em :7325:

ok i lie: I really liked last seasons retro shirt

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fcuk knows how you post pics, but my favourite was the one Mark Walters wore with the squares through it and the button collar with Mcewans lager, or the last two retro type. my worst has to be the Admiral one with the wood grain through it, the Huistra era one, if you had a wee skinny neck you were fucked.

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