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Liewell "Fans live in Fantasy Land" " Lost Millions WithoutD

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So Liewell has said mhank fans are living in a fantasy land if they believe the club is stockpiling cash and calls for them to spend, spend, spend is too simplistic and there is no pile if cash sitting there to be used and that they are refusing to listen to the facts of the matter.

He then moves on to talk about his statement 3 years ago saying they didn't need Rangers and had a strategy in place of buying low,selling high and that they work well independently but then goes on to say they have lost MILLIONS due to us not being around and the league having no sponsor has had an affect.

He is also asks would the spend differently if Rangers were challenging and says "Our inco.e would've been different so yes. Rangers going out has taken a lot of money out not just for celtic but out the game."

So there you have, no big pot of gold and depriving themselves and every other club in the game MILLIONS of pounds in the quest for "sporting integrity"

Bit heh they don't need us....

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I briefly heard him on Clyde FM earlier stating "the fans want us to spend, we reinvest every penny we receive into the club" - the question then arises as to what the fuck they are spending it on considering they haven't bought anyone at a cost of any note.

They spent £3m on that walkway thing to the stadium.

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You think they have a stockpile of cash?

Im not 100% sure as I don't know their outgoings but they certainly have taken a shitload of cash in during our absence.

I also don't believe their shareholders take a dividend but maybe they do have cash sitting somewhere, possibly sitting or getting transferred between their multi-company structure.

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