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Union Bears Moving Back Into Cr

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Just had a text from my brother about it.

The singing section should be right behind the dugouts or the SJ front. Centre field

Most groups are behind goals, would be pish where you're suggesting IMO.

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Can't see it happening but If the UB's move I think it would be good to see the Blue Order move also to the corner of the Govan and Copland GE2. I'm sure this happened near the end of the season for a game but can't remember which game but seemed to help to lift the atmosphere.

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But it would be OK to force long held st holders from CR to say BF then again if we play them....

No. They have a section. Many boycotted.

I don't think they will take the whole stand so if they get put in say CR1 I would offer those displaced fans a move to any of the other sections in the Copland which should be doable

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Just completed the survey on this.

Not happy if I end up moved from my seat i've had for I don't know how many years to accomodate guys who were probably boycotting last season!


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