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John Eustace Bid


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You would think that if we sign Douglas then the interest in Eustace will end.

Of the two I think I'd rather have Eustace but both of them are probably equally capable of holding in midfield for us at the level we are at just now.

Is anybody else apart from Radio Scotland running with the story? Everywhere seems very quiet - nothing about it on any other sports news websites and barely anything on social media either.

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Is he? I've never really heard of either of them. What type of player is Douglas?

yeah as i don't know if it is still the case but he was dating Natalie Sawyer!! wouldn't mind bumping into her at a game :peanut::thumbup:

at a distance seems quite consistent and combative, not as injury prone as others mentioned and given our track record..... :)

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I'm not sure Eustace would be able to play at the pace MW is looking for (certainly not at the level we played at for the first 30 minutes or so on Tuesday).

Don't think he would be asked to, he'd be there to stop play and pass it as soon as he's won it back.

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Jonathan Douglas is 2 years younger and played 46 times last season compared to Eustace's 14.

Maybe we've just decided he was the better option.

If it is the player I am thinking about he is a very good player. Been around a bit but a real competitor and will add bite.

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