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Spfl Carge Motherwell Over Playoff Trouble


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Were they?

Apologies if I missed that, I'm not talking about Erwin or Mohsni, I'm talking about the ones taking potshots at him while he was being held back.

Were they banned?

It was them that got done, erwin got a yellow at the time so no further action taken ?

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I want to know what the police are doing about it.

Incident room set up?

Still images of all the pitch invaders splashed all over the papers seeking information on their identities?

Interim banning orders until they appear in court?


Or BBC Scotland doing an in-depth frame-by-frame report on their 6.30pm news broadcast and linking the words "Rangers supporters" into every sentence, whether it's needed or not.

For example, "This just in.........Russian President Vladimir Gay-Guy has attacked the United nations for its condemnation of his claims to parts of the Arctic oil reserves. He said he got the idea from a 'Rangers supporter' he met whilst on holiday in the Black Sea."

Fucking BBC Scotland Rangers-hating bastards.

Fuck them and their Licence fee

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Ok your forgiven and its s good point Goat but I don't think if it was other way around ,we would be getting forgiveness

Course we wouldn't. Doenst mean the whole thing about punishing fans for acting like football fans is stupid.

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