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Stuart Mccall On Sportscene


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Rangers sides been terrific

Warburton speaks well, good philosophy, signed good players

Was a great time to come to Rangers

A lot of players moved on from last year, fans lost faith in players

50,000 at Ibrox, atmosphere fantastic

Thinks Rangers will win a lot of games this season

Thinks Scott Allan is big factor for Hibs title challenge

Thinks Hibs are right not to sell to rivals

Thinks we'll get Allan next year if not now

And every player has a price

Thinks Lee Wallace should keep up performances after hard season last year, could make Scotland set up again

Good guy McCall

Always speaks well, always welcome back at Ibrox

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It must be so hard for him watching. We saw him at ibrox on Friday and seeing him on Sportscene he is really being very positive but it must be heartbreaking inside. They were saying rangers are going to easily win the championship, he must be thinking "...oh great, I was dragging them through the playoffs.."

It was his dream to be manager and he's a true gent, just wasn't to be. But it's great he's been so good about everything.

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While I'm glad that Warburton got the spot in the end I have a good amount of respect for McColl. He got the team when they where at their worst and gave me hope when I had none (though it failed in the end). He will always have my respect and I hope the best for him. Hopefully he'll be given a better chance elsewhere to prove himself.

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I can't see him managing another club side tbh. Probably has a job at BT for life.

I think at the moment he would be content with his job with BT and his role in the Scotland setup beside wee Chesney, but I'm sure if another managing/coaching job came along he would take it.

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He's a Rangers legend who played and managed this club with great integrity and honour.

You can see he's hurting that he never got us up, and I hope he ends up back at the club in some capacity.

He deserves it.

Not sure I would go as far as to say he deserves a place at the club, hasn't earn't that as I cannot see what he will bring that will be needed with what we have at present.

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A great all round guy. Took on a real no win situation last year and almost pulled off a turn around. Just 2 games too many, with a team of players which included a good number who knew their time was up with Rangers.

I look forward to seeing him finding another Club.

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Spoke well tonight not saw bt on Friday was at the game but got a text from a mate saying he was laying into us on Friday. I just put it down to the mate being Pissed but was he before I call him tomorrow?

I recorded the by coverage and did not notice him laying into us at all , praised us quite a lot as a a team and also the atmosphere , don't recall him getting layed into us

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he done well on BT sport during the game - and talked well in what could have been - and probably was - an awkward situation for him - Boyd was the same to be honest.

Mccall was just dealt all the wrong cards at the wrong time. That being said - his team selections towards the end began to resemble Mccoists more and more as he started to gamble that the "big names" - such as Boyd - would come good, when we knew they wouldn't.

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