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Why Did You Let Warburton Leave!

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The owner wants to go down the Moneyball route in a big way Warburton didn't end of story.

that's right - crazy idea as the variables with a team sport like 'soccer' lol and different formations etc. compared to something like baseball means its doomed to failure. I mean how many players have totally bombed at one club and been great at another and vice versa. waburton obviously knew this and wasn't going to risk his future in the game being a part of this.

so how's it working out for brentford (retorical question before I get told to look at the first post lol)

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To be fair to the current Brentford manager, they are obviously not taking the cup competition seriously as not a single player from Saturday's starting 11 started tonight.

oops didn't see your post mate lol - everyone can ignore the last part of my previous post, though the main point still stands (in my opinion anyway lol)

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Owner was clear he wanted to go in a different way and Warburton wanted to manage his way. The fans had no say in it but it is definitely our gain. If Warburton had secured promotion it might have been different. How it concerns us is that it shows we have a manager who has a strong sense of will, determination, and character.

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