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Players Tweets On The Ayr Game


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was said in another thread but who ever is now running the media side of the club now is first rate, speed at which things are posted, quality vids, updates, somebody seems to know what they are doing.

Obviously a lot of coaching going on with our signings, WATP :) has been very quick on the uptake.

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I bet a few of these boys didn't realise until the sell-out the other week how big a club they've signed for :lol:

Believe there was some different views of the Gaffer during the St.Midden game with BT Sport, but his look around when he came out on the RTV coverage, all very well telling these young lads about 50k crowds, but think it really struck him when he walked out on that Friday night.

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Get the impression the guys are getting hyped up for Sunday; shaping up to be some game and atmosphere. Bring it on, WATP

We all are too mate, I liked MW's words when he was interviewed post match last night, saying that it is just another game for us and not special at all when asked if he was up for this "massive" game by the interviewer ........ playing it down, class act. :thumbup:

But try telling that to us supporters, I can't wait for Sunday. :lol:


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