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Where was Hyndman & Toral today?

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2 minutes ago, CoatbridgeBear said:

Never even heard that mate, cheers. No chance of Hyndman next season ye think?

None mate. Howe ruled it out last week. He see's him as part of his team.

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Just now, Reformation Bear said:

The Manager said during the week that Hyndman was injured (foot I think) and had not trained so not surprised he was missing.  But Toral?   Seems odd that he featured on Rangers website articles on 3 & 4 May, and in one of them he promises to play again. 

He's a shitebag anyway

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43 minutes ago, CoatbridgeBear said:

This whole Toral's a shitebag carryon, surely to fuck he's no scared to play? Mon tae fuck.

Not even a Cadbury choc chip cookie could get him to leave the toiley cubicle at Hampden, by all accounts he IS still there as no one has saw him since.

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Just now, BigDak said:

Seems to me the gaffer could be using these late few games to work out the team/players/tactics and there's no much point in including two guys who aren't going to be here.

Watching todays game it looks as if next season we are not going to be playing with a midfield.

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Do people actually believe Toral was scared to play? He's played away at Real Madrid and Barcelona but he's "scared" to play against Stuart Armstrong and Scott brown in a diddy league and in a fixture who's "atmosphere" is totally overhyped and hasn't been genuinely intimidating for years? 

He's a rubbish player but he's certainly not "scared" to play.

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