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2nd UEFA Charge


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Rangers has today informed UEFA’s Control, Ethics and Disciplinary Body that the Club will not be requesting tickets for its next European away match.

The Club now faces an additional UEFA charge of racist behaviour for sectarian singing during the first leg of our Europa League play–off tie against Legia Warsaw last Thursday evening. We are liaising with UEFA in relation to this second charge.

The first charge came after the match against St Joseph’s at Ibrox on Thursday, July 18. A consequence of sectarian singing from section BF1 of the ground that evening is that UEFA ordered a partial closure of our stadium for tomorrow night’s crucial game. Those fans responsible for this partial closure of Ibrox Stadium need to understand that they are damaging our Club. If there is a further incidence at tomorrow night’s match this could lead to a ground closure.

The same applies to those who indulged in sectarian singing in Warsaw last week and that is why we have taken the decision to make UEFA aware that we will decline tickets for our next away match even though this means that, once again, the many must suffer because of the few.

This kind of behaviour has no place at Ibrox, or anywhere else where our many teams appear. Offenders must please stop. You are endangering your Club which has recently launched its Everyone Anyone project aimed at welcoming all to Ibrox. Those who wish to sing offensive songs must realise by now that they are insulting Rangers players, staff, and fellow fans. There is nothing clever, bold or even defiant in what this small number of supporters are doing.

By supporting Rangers in the correct way the rest of us must strive to protect our great Club. One way or another this offensive behaviour must end and it would be much more preferable if we stopped it ourselves, simply by behaving like true Rangers fans.

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Hopefully now kicks in that certain songs just can’t be sung anymore and fans stop it. Can bitch about club doing this n that but end of the day club ask you not to sing certain songs. If you sing these songs at games then you’re spitting on everything Rangers. It’s selfish behaviour 

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Fucking out of order blaming all of this on bf1, scandalous, ub need to take action, fuck the board, everyone is to blame not bf1, out of order.


Iv been to 90% of away games in europe over the years and i will be at our next , home end or not, i will be their.

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That’s absolute lies btw. I was fucking there. Absolutely embarrassing, I fucking hate that club. 

Also what is interesting is I couldn’t even hear myself sing last week so how did the UEFA reps over 30,000 Warsaw fans? Are they now within our support? 


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