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  1. RST Statement on Herald Action Over Spiers

    BOOM! right on the money from the RST. Great statement.
  2. Todays Highlights

    Good man Marky.
  3. SOS interesting article on tax  
  4. 3% of profit, that's some tax rate, what happened to common sense?
  5. The steady drip of toxins just keep on seeping out of the bigoted media they will spout negativity at any opportunity trying to cause dissension among the Rangers support.
  6. Halliday Red Card Video

    Clearly a sectarian masonic fist so it was.
  7. PZJ's latest, Spiers, Greenslade, etc...

    The trouble is that these people have got a platform to influence the general public which they use to promote an anti Rangers agenda, we can expose them online all we want but until we have a public platform that would allow us to challenge them we are just pissing in the wind. Got to take my hat off to PZJ for the work he does  
  8. New Forum

    That helped, cheers gogzy.
  9. Bbc Petition

    This wee cunt is pushing his luck with his anti Rangers agenda, Im signing this.
  10. Oduwa Away

  11. Oduwa Away There’s two stories to get to. The first is about 19-year-old midfielder, Nathan Oduwa, returning early from his season-long loan spell with Rangers of the Scottish Championship. Because he has fallen down the pecking order and hasn’t appeared since December 19, it makes sense to return to your parent club. With only 19 appearances since Oduwa moved to Glasgow, let’s hope it’s enough to convince Mauricio Pochettino that he still has a future with the team and can play this season. Enjoyed your flicks and tricks Nathan, best of luck with your future career.
  12. What A Week !

    I'm not sad at all challenging dubious contracts makes me happy.
  13. What A Week !

    Desperate stuff from OP, TLM will scrape the bottom of the barrel to find a negative post about Rangers.
  14. McKay is beginning to look a real player and still very young, the boy has huge potential.
  15. I think we will have to wait on the result of the fraud trial and to a lesser extent the ebt appeal ruling before any action is taken, if both of these cases go our way we must then embark on a course of litigation against Scotlands football authorities regardless of how Uefa or the SFA feel about it, not doing so would be an extreme disservice to the Rangers support and the integrity of the game.