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  1. 4 year deal now being reported.
  2. jellybeans over on ff saying Dodoo has signed, no details yet.
  3. keith jackson‏@tedermeatballs Confirmed: @Joey7Barton on his way to Glasgow this morning for Rangers medical.
  4. This court case now clearly establishes that Mike Ashley and Sports Direct are in breach of football league rule 98.2.4 to have any power whatsoever to influence the financial, commercial or business affairs or the management or administration of that Club
  5. Time for some asset freezing before these bastards get their cash out the country.
  6. Donated! time to stand up for Rangers fans.
  7. What about anti protestant British racism? does that not exist.
  8. There ye go.
  9. I think the rules are different for interests in UK clubs.
  10. Will he be told to withdraw his interest in Rangers now Newcastle have been relegated? The rules here:
  11. Seeing over on FF a poster saying Barton is coming to Rangers, some are laughing it off while others are giving it credence including a couple of admin guys.
  12. dp

    dont post
  13. Stop dithering Marky get yer tips oot
  14. It was a hard decision between the two but the fact Barrie has come through the ranks and it was against the bheasts swung it for me, that goal will live forever in my heart.