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  1. This is true, but if we're playing 4-3-3 at least one of the midfield needs to make forward runs and a midfield of Barton, Rossiter and Halliday doesn't offer enough. I agree with one of the earlier posts about playing Forrester in midfield rather than as one of the front 3. I Iike Rossiter, but tbh he didn't play that well today and Barton was decent in the second half
  2. That's exactly what I took from that comment as well
  3. Not really convinced he could to the job anyway. With our FBs pushed up the park our DM needs to be mobile to cover the gaps we tend to leave. Arteta was never quick and I assume at 34 with a lot of injuries in the past he'll be even slower. So not for me. Unless, of course, Mr Warburton decides it is a good idea and then I'll be completely in favour.
  4. Can't really argue that he called it as he saw it today. When I've heard him as a pundit before he's been pretty sensible - compare him to the rubbish Sutton and Hartson spout, for instance. That said, he's still Neil Lennon so f*ck him
  5. This debate about who'll play wide and who'll play in the centre is a bit pointless when MW usually plays a front three who rotate between the positions. The new faces like Ohalloran and King very much fit that approach
  6. Maybe, but it'd be unwinnable. If they couldn't win with "we'll keep the pound and all those oil billions", they certainly won't win with adopting the Euro and border controls at Gretna.
  7. We really missed Holt today - really short of movement, esp in final third. Shiels is only good for a couple of moments a match, which means he can be useful as a sub, but never a starter for me. Waghorn looks injured.
  8. Foderingham for me today, without those saves we'd have lost, simple as that
  9. Sheils has ability no doubt about it, but for me has always tended to make too few contributions during most games to justify a starting place. If he comes on as a sub and just makes one goal in a tight game then that's a success so for me he's best used that way.
  10. Scotland v Czechoslovakia in 1977 - official crowd 85 000 but loads of people got in by paying the guys on the turnstiles, myself included. I ended up in the Celtic end with my mate who for some reason had brought his Rangers scarf. He kept it hidden until we scored but then started waving it about which didn't really endear us to some of the crowd around us.
  11. No idea if this will work, but sounds a brilliant idea. Well done Is Thornliebank under water yet?
  12. I think the main issue is that the BBC can reduce it's NI contributions this way and publicly funded organizations should not be using this type of tax avoidance scheme.
  13. From the size of his woggle ....I'll get me coat
  14. This I know some ppl don't like our players going on international duty but the message that you are better playing 1st team football at Rangers than sitting in the reserves is good news for us
  15. Well, yes - I'm not convinced that the two CBs are a long term solution and I don't think Halliday is really a DM. BUT - the second goal was due to sleeping at a set piece and the third could have been prevented by one of the CBs dropping deeper so even with the players we have available I don't think the formation is the problem