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  1. He,s no even the 30th best young player at Rangers.  
  2. Winning Ugly.

    The score and the quality of the goals papered over a poor performance compared to recent games. The passing out from the back especially from Wilson was brutal today. Oduwa was hiding and done nothing. Thought Shiels had a good game.
  3. Jim Duffy

    Always found him fair, compared to some.
  4. Team Photo

    The Captain should be front and centre, not in the back row.
  5. Daily Record Headline

    Does he not talk to anyone before coming out with these statements, not the first time I,ve cringed with his comments. Not impressed.
  6. Enjoy, he will remember it for the rest of his life.
  7. The Battle Fever Is On !

    His two trebles in 76 and 78 were up there with my best times as a bear. Great team, skilful, battlers and Rangers men.
  8. Club Statement Re: Raith Rovers

    Turnbull Hutton was another bitter twisted bastard and was keener than most to put the boot in to make him look more important than he was, good riddance.
  9. We have no control over what others, including the bheasts , may put out there but please take heed. Just in case, you know how we would feel if a technicality stopped these bastards from swinging.
  10. Some Reminders Of Bobby Russell

    Take it you were in Mrs Wests class, I was in Mrs Browns but we would have went up to Lochend in the same year.
  11. Some Reminders Of Bobby Russell

    Don't know if you were there at the same time as me but if you knew Rabbie then I probably know you.
  12. Some Reminders Of Bobby Russell

    Lochend Tam. but I went to Bishoploch too.
  13. Some Reminders Of Bobby Russell

    Went to school with Bobby and played beside him in the schools team. Always a stand out even at that age.
  14. Rangers, The New Brazil.

    You,re right mate. Great from mid to front, two good full backs....but a dodgy keeper and a soft centre at the back. Bang on....
  15. 17’S Win At Ralston

    Always enjoy reading about the young bears. Keep it up "E".