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  1. I see you can. If there's nobody else you want to take it off you for today I'd be chuffed to get it for today mate.
  2. Does it support chromecast mate?
  3. Thanks fuck for razors mate, my granny was a ginger.
  4. I have blonde hair and a ginger beard 😂
  5. Think he was taking the piss mate. And do you mean Genoa?
  6. That looks strong!
  7. Noticed during Warburtons presser the puma logo has been replaced by a Club 1872 one on the advertising board..
  8. Ah I see! something learned.
  9. I thought ours was fully seeded grass?
  10. I'd swap Forrester for Kranjcar, then Kranjcar for O'Halloran
  11. Watching the Man Utd game earlier I noticed that Zlatan hardly ever drifted any wider than the edge of the box. I think that's what we need, far to often yesterday our left back was putting balls into the box and our FRONT 3 were nowhere to be seen. I find that scandalous.
  12. Well that's awright then.
  13. Might be a good player.. But does he have a cagoule?
  14. Terrible 2nd half, we still have a lot of improving to do or it could prove to be a long season ahead.