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  1. Thanks fuck for razors mate, my granny was a ginger.
  2. I have blonde hair and a ginger beard 😂
  3. Think he was taking the piss mate. And do you mean Genoa?
  4. That looks strong!
  5. Noticed during Warburtons presser the puma logo has been replaced by a Club 1872 one on the advertising board..
  6. Ah I see! something learned.
  7. I thought ours was fully seeded grass?
  8. I'd swap Forrester for Kranjcar, then Kranjcar for O'Halloran
  9. Watching the Man Utd game earlier I noticed that Zlatan hardly ever drifted any wider than the edge of the box. I think that's what we need, far to often yesterday our left back was putting balls into the box and our FRONT 3 were nowhere to be seen. I find that scandalous.
  10. Well that's awright then.
  11. Might be a good player.. But does he have a cagoule?
  12. Terrible 2nd half, we still have a lot of improving to do or it could prove to be a long season ahead.
  13. But are people not buying them being under the impression that they are helping the club? In which they are not?