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  1. Not available in my country apparently.
  2. Mind people climbing into the ground in Villarreal, sure someone fell aswell.
  3. The JJB deal was £48m over 10 seasons.
  4. Hope he rejects his new offer and signs for us permanently, looks an absolutely fantastic young prospect.
  5. I'm going to Rhodes on Sunday. Hooray for me.
  6. When did you buy it? Looking at getting one from subside sports but going on holiday next Sunday and want it for then.
  7. Was willing to slash his wages to £100'000 a week to join West Ham 😂
  8. I think its a pretty good idea.
  9. I want to know this also..
  10. Just had a look, 3rd level on the pyramid according to wiki, although it seems they can't go any higher or lower, can't get relegated or promoted.
  11. 4th tier I'm led to believe?
  12. He's just zoomed in on 3 chocolate buttons.
  13. 2.5m or king oot
  14. Anything happening with the crest at the door yet?