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  1. 2016-17 Kit Ideas

    I actually really like that.
  2. Barrie Mckay Steps Up

    Just shows what you can do when you screw then nut and dig in. Also when we have a coaching staff that coachrather than tell jokes. Well done Barrie.
  3. David Templeton

    Not that I'm bothered either mate. I just didn't know
  4. David Templeton

    Haven't heard anything about himfor ages? Thought he would be involved somewhere down the line this season and haven't heard a single thing in any presser about him havinga long term injury.
  5. Harry Forrester ruled out of Old Firm

    McKay Miller Holt Halliday Ball Zelalem Wallace Kiernan Wilson Tav Wes
  6. 3 goals conceded on each of out last 3 games. Defence is a fucking shambles.
  7. 1200 Sunday 17th April 2016

    Did the SFA draw the date aswell?
  8. "You're not Rangers anymore"

    Funny how we went from "Sevco" pre game on the DFC forum, to Rangers after they were destroyed by us.
  9. Rangers Lookalikes.
  10. Law for McKay? No chance.
  11. 😂😂😂😂
  12. Wee Murdoch with the goal aswell haha
  13. Getting no sound on Anyone else been having that problem the last few weeks?
  14. Player of the year 2016

    McKay for me.
  15. Better SPFL TV deal

    Be aswell not having a TV deal and theclubs would probably make their £140ka seasonfee in extra gate receipts.