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  1. Has the token Rangers "fan" been on yet praising their brave efforts? 😀
  2. If club's are trying to use a 4th sub window, why are the officials letting them?
  3. Listened to Jimmy Nic last night. FFS he made the Rev I M Jolly sound like the life and soul of the party. 😀
  4. Could you PM me the score so I can nip down to the bookies before it kicks off here. 👍😃
  5. Great result but don't get carried away lads. Dungcaster will have us banned from Europe thanks to Kents ferocious attack on the poor defenceless Lyon player. 😀
  6. Unfortunately the Scottish courts don't have French or Belgian judges sitting.
  7. Does the away team not have to agree to it? Just tell the cunts to fuck off.
  8. They all look as if they've got their wee brothers gear on 😂
  9. I was just wondering. Did the Spfl board use the club's money or their own personal cash to fund their own "external enquiry"? Has anybody bothered to ask these corrupt cunts who paid for it?
  10. Or "Infamy Infamy, they've all got it infamy"
  11. So who counts the votes as they come in tomorrow,the 3 Stooges? Can just see it Good guy Good guy Cunt ( spam that wan Neil)
  12. Aye, the one team with the moral high ground due to their silence. FFS they're only quiet because the gutless smsm won't ask them any questions 🥴
  13. No excuse for the wee teams to knock it back now.
  14. Remember going to see Durrants first game back. If I remember correctly it was a reserve game and I'm sure there was over 30k there.
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