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  1. Our gaffer is now the longest serving manager in the league. Get it up all the media lapdogs who said he wouldn't last. 😃😃🇬🇧👍
  2. Unfurl the flag next season? For me it's Dave King with a helping hand from Stevie G. What's your thoughts troops?
  3. Wtf was Neil McCann thinking about taking over at ICT and missing being at Ibrox today. 🥴
  4. Bit of a catch 22 for them. Did tlb not say a couple of seasons ago " if the shoe was on the other foot I think we would clap them on as champions ". Do you think they would? Aye right. 😄
  5. Just heard celtic are wanting the season null and void due to the death of former player Shuggie Edvaldsson
  6. Who was it that said " the team that drinks together wins together". Explains their season then. 😀
  7. It's ok though. The celtic board will hold an internal enquiry with the result out after their tour of Japan. 👍
  8. Hopefully gets cited for trying to get a fellow professional sent off
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