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  1. Kept hitting his head on the ceiling when he crossed the room.
  2. My wife moaned like fuck because I spent over £700 on my ST last season and didn't get to any games. Now she's greeting about the amount of games I'll be going to. CCCS has a lot to answer for. 🥴😄
  3. If you pause the video just as he turns in front of the Castor logo he looks like a glorious fucking angel. 😃😃
  4. Twice Stewart has called Alkmaar Ah Z. Pretentious prick. 🥴
  5. Seen Alf Tupper doing it more than once. 😃
  6. Beach volleyball. Why do people think this is sexy? 4 woman who if you put them together couldn't make a single decent tit between them. 🥴
  7. But-but-but they're a CL team dontcha know. 😂
  8. Great video. Really down to earth young man. Thank God for the subtitles though.
  9. Can't wait to see the size of Sakalas smile when he scores his first goal in front of 50000 fans. 😃
  10. That's my Portugal France double up. Can't wait to lift my £17.05 😃
  11. Not one pundit has questioned Clarkes' team selection. Shite bags. 🥴
  12. FFS This thread has been hilarious. Nearly PMSL. 😂😂😂😂
  13. Just sounds to me like he wishes he was white.
  14. My wee maw (she's 89) said to me " I think they should give Allan McGregor a knighthood". Brilliant my wee maw 😃
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