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  1. Who was it that said " the team that drinks together wins together". Explains their season then. 😀
  2. It's ok though. The celtic board will hold an internal enquiry with the result out after their tour of Japan. 👍
  3. Duffy's tackle not even discussed on Sportscene. 🥴
  4. Hopefully gets cited for trying to get a fellow professional sent off
  5. To be covid compliant you should wash your hands frequently. That's their protest fucked before it's started. 😀
  6. How shite is Brown if he's subbed for Duffy 😀😀
  7. He's been with them a few months now. Should be reaching match fitness any time soon. 😀
  8. He runs as if he's impersonating a penguin. 😀
  9. Has the token Rangers "fan" been on yet praising their brave efforts? 😀
  10. If club's are trying to use a 4th sub window, why are the officials letting them?
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