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  1. Then we can go round and put their windaes in.
  2. we get plenty of goals from midfield , I think 20+ would be the minimum .
  3. is the word "pish" ?
  4. going by the video , he seems to get on the ball a lot .
  5. that should be set to music
  6. if thats john's son ,he will probably be free.
  7. Brown was pish , a fud of a man but he WAS a decent player .his career looks as though its coming to an end .The only thing I agree with in Bonners ratings was tierney ,who looks a good player (Liewell will have a buyer lined up for him already ) the rest of the team were mediocre at best .We on the other hand didnt have anybody who didnt pull their weight and we outclassed them in every position .
  8. derek whyte, tom boyd and berkovic were loathsome fuckers too
  9. Grant and Anton Rogan ,just hearing his name gives me the boak
  10. havnt been on much lately ,so i had forgotten to donate . have sorted that now. keep up the good work GB .
  11. Anybody who is willing to put their time and effort into helping the club and supporters should be applauded .as long as they always put the supporters and the club first when it comes to decisions made then i have no problem with anyone putting their name forward for any position , be it fan board, club board or anything else. as long as they recognise that they will come under a shitload of scrutiny .
  12. RIP
  13. I'm still here
  14. she's my ex wife now
  15. great result .good start to the new year