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  1. Just noticed there that Goldson scored on the 8th minute of the first half and the 8th in the second half.
  2. The stream cut out straight after the game and never seen any. Would like to see Lennons one 😂
  3. Only negatives for me is that my car failed it’s MOT but who the fuck cares. Brilliant Rangers!!
  4. Heart is pumping out my chest. Hate the feeling till it’s over and it’s a win. Morelos needs to watch himself. Slapping him on the head.
  5. It's the type of game Morelos will score in with no fans to go crazy.
  6. Looking forward to seeing Sutton rip the team apart for their celebrations. I mean it’s not like they’ve qualified yet. They’re in the final against Norway or Serbia who will rip them apart.
  7. Going to them is he not ?
  8. Happy he’s there but was also equally happy with Balogun. Think Balogun is far better with the ball at his feet.
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