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  1. It’s allowing me to put them in my basket.
  2. Just got an email for both games due to capacity increase. Not even clicked on friendly games.
  3. Keevins said Sakala and Lundstram have replaced Zungu and Gary Stewart
  4. Strip looks great on the players
  5. I like it better now I can see the pinstripes
  6. I cancelled my membership a few months ago. Won’t be joining back up. Everyone should be getting a fair shot at getting a ticket especially after renewing last year knowing we’ll not get in.
  7. I like that white top
  8. Top just arrived. No problems with it.
  9. Just renewed mine and my dads there the now.
  10. I’ve ordered the 7th March so delivery expected for June. Did everyone receive a confirmation email? I’ve just checked and I can’t find one but the money had come off my account. Never mind found it.
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