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  1. Flag Unfurling!

    Would like to see McCoist unfurling it. Would also find it a nice gesture if the club picked a fan
  2. Terry Butcher

    Terry Butcher fuck that Billy Davis would be a good shout though (My Opinion)
  3. Bring In Bomber

    Whats Bomber Browns Favourite Adam Sandler Film? Mr Deeds
  4. Protest at Ibrox

    Green will be on the board soon then make his way to the Chairman Role, Then he will be able to guide Rangers the way he wants. And then he can drive out McCoist etc its clear as daylight he does not want him there.
  5. Walter.....

    I dont know whos who on our board, First Walters on the board then he is the chairman, Murray was our chairman now he is not, CG is now here. Uckkkkk fucking headache stuff honestly. Sick to death with it
  6. Walter Smith to quit?

    Seriously getting worried by the structure of our board The Gallant Pioneers would be ashamed of our board seriously
  7. Rangers Chat Live Phone In

  8. Rangers Chat Live Phone In

    Dont know why this keeps getting bumped by the Rangerschat faithful, The Show is utter garbage now of days same stuff each night The Cast are fantastic though and great gentleman but its pish !
  9. Rangers Chat Live Phone In

    ... Just deleted this
  10. Rangers legends v Man u Legends Tomorrow 2pm.

    Novo will be playing at his best to show Super Ally haha And of course to show the fans also
  11. Rangers legends v Man u Legends Tomorrow 2pm.

    Thanks mate
  12. Rangers legends v Man u Legends Tomorrow 2pm.

    Sorry if this has been posted but can someone please tell me the starting line-ups for Rangers & Manchester United Would be appreciated thanks bears
  13. Research on Rangers Football Club

    yer questionnaire is a shiter
  14. Does Charles Green want to Sack Ally McCoist?

    If Green sacks McCoist he will never get my support or cash ever again