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  1. Imperial bears statement....

    Great statement. Sounds very much like the work Vanguard Bears do.
  2. Results you never really get over.

    UEFA cup final sticks with me.
  3. The Remaining shares from MASH ?

    If you believe Jack
  4. Our very own Record 'Rangers blogger'

    Anyone in any way connected to our enemies at the record is sus IMO
  5. Many thanks to Vanguard Bears

    Well done once again VB. Their class shows in the fact that this is what is expected of them. They know what it is to be Bears.
  6. Rangers Vs QOS - Video

    Not sure.
  7. Rangers Vs QOS - Video

    O'Halloran plays some lovely football but never seems to be enjoying himself.
  8. Nil By Mouth guy on Sky Sports News now

    Once they answered a letter written twice by the same person. He wrote one as a Celtic fan and one as a Rangers fan. Nil by mouth answered this same letter in two very different ways. the celtic fan was promised immediate action and the Rangers fan was fobbed off with platitudes. NBM is a sectarian organisation.
  9. Club 1872 Statement - IPSO & Daily Record

    Anyone who buys The Record is helping our enemies
  10. Rangers Vs Peterhead - Video

    Enjoy almost goes without saying, thanks Jules
  11. More season tickets released

    I don't agree with cutting their allocation. I want to stop it.
  12. Jock Wallace

    20 years ago today we lost the one and only Big Jock, Jock Wallace. Now twenty years later he is still not inducted into the SFA Hall of Fame. Rangers legend John Greig leads calls for Jock Wallace to be inducted into the Scottish Football Hall of Fame Lindsay Herron JOHN GREIG is leading the calls for Jock Wallace to be inducted into the Scottish Football Hall of Fame on the 20th anniversary of the passing of the legendary Ibrox manager. Greig, who was one of the first inductees in 2004, is astonished that the man who led Rangers to two Trebles in three years, and was an integral part of the 1972 European Cup-Winners’ Cup triumph, has been overlooked for so many years. Now the former captain and manager feels it is high time that the record is set straight and Wallace is given the standing in the game that his remarkable achievements deserve. Greig said: “It seems remarkable to me that Big Jock has not been inducted into the Hall of Fame before now – it’s a huge oversight. “When you analyse what he achieved, it is amazing that he has been overlooked. “Of course, he should be in there and he should have been in there long before now. “On the 20th anniversary of his passing, it would be very appropriate to put matters right and give Jock his rightful place in the game.” Wallace won eight major honours in the space of five years, most notably the clean sweep of the League, League Cup and Scottish Cup in 1975/76 and 1977/78, having taken over from Willie Waddell, for whom he had been an outstanding assistant. He had ended Celtic’s nine-in-a-row dominance of the Championship by winning the 1975 title – Rangers’ first for 11 years – having defeated their old rivals 3-2 in the epic Centenary Scottish Cup Final two years earlier. However, Wallace fell out with Waddell over the club’s spending budget and his own salary and sensationally quit just 16 days after winning the Treble in 1978. He returned to Ibrox for a less successful second spell in 1983, which did include two League Cup successes. Fatefully, he was in goal the day Berwick Rangers famously beat Rangers in the Scottish Cup in 1967 in his role as player-manager and he was also successful in English football, winning the old Second Division title with Leicester City in 1980. Wallace, who also managed Motherwell, Sevilla and Colchester, was diagnosed with Parkinson’s in 1990. He died on July 24, 1996. Greig added: “Rangers enjoyed some of their greatest moments under Jock and I am privileged to have been his captain. “We had a fantastic team in the 1970s. Two Trebles in three seasons was exceptional and has never been emulated. That says it all for me.” Fellow Barcelona Bear Alex MacDonald is also completely behind Wallace being recognised at last. MacDonald, who was at the heart of all the Wallace successes, said: “It’s about time he is remembered for all that he achieved, so I sincerely hope he gets into the Hall of Fame. “The 20th anniversary of his death seems like a good time to do it, although he should have been in long ago. “Jock was a great man to work for. People talk about the hard-man image, but he knew how to look after players and he knew everything about you. “Jock built a team – and what a team it was as we won two Trebles. He was a good tactician, too. I don’t think he ever got the credit he deserved for that. “For example, he used me as a man-marker at times, especially in the Celtic games when I had to look after Jimmy Johnstone – and that was no easy task. “That type of thing certainly helped me in my managerial career. There is no doubt I learned a lot from him. “He once played me at outside-left at Hampden in a League Cup semi-final against Celtic. I scored but we lost 3-1. “I said to him the next day that I wasn’t happy about playing there. He said: ‘Do you want to be in the team?’ and I replied: ‘My granny would play outside left’. “Jock quickly replied: ‘What’s your granny’s phone number?’. That was me told!”
  13. Rangers Vs Annan - Video

    A welcome return of the vids from Julescotia
  14. Dave King answer 13!!!!

    "particular, replica kits. I have deliberately left this topic to the end as I want to be in a position to give the very latest update on what has been a rapidly changing landscape. I will do this by the weekend at the latest." Did I miss King's answer re kits?
  15. Wolfsburg

    Pity they didn't get the name of our club right.