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  1. Don't know the name, I checked back and he played against Rangers U18's in September at Left-Back, Rangers won the game comfortably. He is a 2002, which means he cant play U18 this coming season. The best play in St.Mirren Academy is 2005 midfielder who has played U18.
  2. I did consider Lewis Ferguson, as I said I could have listed a lot more players. Unlike a couple of others I mentioned I wasn't really surprised when Rangers released him. He was quite small although not slightly built, back then he was a competitive rather that technical player. As a youth player at Hamilton he was ok, but not really one I saw as making the breakthrough. So he would probably been on for under the radar, even though I seen him play quite a few times.
  3. Following on from last week Part 2 looks at players that were at Dundee United, Falkirk and Hamilton Accies academies. https://rfcyouths.wordpress.com/2020/05/30/opposition-youth-players-part-2/
  4. The overall 2010's will train at The Training Centre, Rangers had closed their Edinburgh Centre a few years ago. back then it was only really used for Boys Clubs players they were keeping an eye on. The Edinburgh Centre has been established again and this time recruited players as well as "trialists" will train there at least part of the time. The commitment from kids and families required for pro youth meant it was difficult to persuade those from East Of Scotland to commit to travelling, when Hearts and Hibs are on their doorstep. This option now provides a kind of halfway house were their coaching will be split between Edinburgh and Milngavie for those that have a bit to travel. I would imagine the numbers their would be smaller so they probably work in multi age groups. There are plans to open something similar in the North East, it may already be open. They were looking at maybe in the Brechin/Forfar area but I think the decision was made to open in Aberdeen itself.
  5. Sorry its taken a while to reply but I've been working on Part 2 I don't think investing more would make a great deal of difference I think our academy is well funded at the moment. We really were in a bad way under the previous HOY, very few successes in recruitment from other clubs, I can only think of Jamie Ness from Kilmarnock as a qualified success. Poor decisions on players we released, there must be around thirty players in the English and Scottish leagues who we released, where as in the same numbers that we "bought" , there is barely more than a handful still in the pro game. So having said that, it had to be ripped up to start again. We have built it back up and we now have players reaching 19/20 that have to take the next step. That is the difficult bit and is outwith the academy's control. The first team manager and coaches will only play a player if they have confidence in them. These players now need to play against better/stronger players to progress, not having a colt team in lower leagues is a blow, that would give us a bit more control. Loans are a gamble, for every Stephen Kelly, a success at Ayr United there a couple of Josh McPake's who spent most of his time at Dundee watching from the sidelines. I wouldn't read too much into relative success at tournaments, I don't believe its down to tactical genius or innovation. For me its the fact in years 2000's through to 2004's we have had really strong groups with a decent overall standard. At the moment the 2005's and 2006's don't have that depth ( we targeted I think five 2005's from other clubs in January and only got one). Although there are few gems within these two groups. The 2007's and 2008's I am only really getting to know, only seen 2008's twice, so I don't really know how they compare as an overall group. The club are very optimistic about the 2010's but these are kids paying short sided games and as yet I haven't seen them.
  6. Most youth players at the end of the day are just not good enough. For the really talented players that don't progress there are a few factors, injuries which could also include mental strength to over come those injuries. Attitude, talent gives you a start but without the application its wasted. There are lots of guys who must have sleepless nights when the think what could have been, Charlie Miller had a career but he was only 23 when he left Rangers. His talent was such he still had a career, but it could have been so much better. Physical size does play a big factor in a number of ways, Dylan Patterson was one of the most naturally talented players I have seen at Rangers, but he was really small. At 16 he could easily have played Under 13 and nobody would have questioned his age. Was briefly at Dundee United, but was out the game by the age of 17, he is only 20 now. I have also seen a lot of talented centre backs who people would not call small, but look at the size of centre backs we have recruited for the first team. There was a good article recently about Hearts youngster Leon Jones, a centre back who Levein had decided wasn't big enough, he is now playing college football hoping to progress to the MLS. These players tend to get shunted to full back but are not as effective there. Don't under estimate how much luck plays, an injury to someone else providing a chance, I touched on Ryan Fraser's position change transforming his career. Closer to home that was the catalyst for Alan Hutton's career and also Craig Halkett who came to Rangers as a striker.
  7. Its been suggest I do a post on youth players I have watched playing against Rangers. Big subject and I will do a few posts first one is Aberdeen & celtic. https://rfcyouths.wordpress.com/2020/05/27/opposition-youth-players-part-one/
  8. Another lockdown post to keep the blog ticking over. A look at the 2002 Youth Cup Winning squad. https://rfcyouths.wordpress.com/2020/05/24/2002-youth-cup-win/
  9. Ian McMillan and grandson Ian Russell, didn't make the first team but played over 400 senior games with Morton, Dumbarton, Livingston, Queen Of The South among others. He was with Pollok this season.
  10. Got that one wrong he was replaced by Erik Bo Andersen with 5 minutes to go
  11. A wee look at Rangers back to back Youth Cup wins in 1994 & 1995. https://rfcyouths.wordpress.com/2020/04/30/youth-cup-1994-and-1995/
  12. 23rd July 2004 Rangers won 2-0 with goals from Scott Agnew and Jason Crooks. Rangers:-Callum Reidford, Alan Lowing, Martin Ure, Jordan McMillan, ??? McColl, Stevie Lennon, Paul Emslie, Ingi Hojsted, John Johnston, ??? Boyd, Scott Agnew Subs:-Jason Crooks, Chris Craig, ???? Denver, ??? Orr, Scott or maybe Nicky Gallagher A few first names I can't remember, should never have thrown away my paper records.
  13. I don't even know when football will start again.
  14. Following on from last week's post on trialists. A post on reserve/youth players from across the continent. I hope its of interest to some. https://rfcyouths.wordpress.com/2020/04/19/youth-players-from-across-europe/
  15. Lasted 9 minutes in game against Brentford on 10th March, so injured again
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