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  1. kaiser1041

    Kenny Miller leaves Livingston

    Prick and a troublemaker
  2. kaiser1041

    Jamie Murphy

    😂the fuck
  3. kaiser1041

    Jamie Murphy

    I’m kinda medium build but I’m defo a wank to be fair
  4. kaiser1041

    Jamie Murphy

    Neither would you so fuck up and log out
  5. The fucks that got to do with cunts or pants ?
  6. Somecunt shows yer pants
  7. kaiser1041

    Steven G respects football in general.

    I preferred murty mania if I’m honest
  8. kaiser1041


    I’d rather Middleton got his chance than since an inconsistent player with 1 atribute
  9. kaiser1041


    He was great today
  10. kaiser1041

    Take a bow Wes

    Competition for Aldo
  11. kaiser1041

    Super on BT Sport

    Quite obviously a slip up ffs man just enjoy the win
  12. kaiser1041

    Jamie Murphy

    He’s fucked and big egg face wasn’t to blame it’s that stinking fucking pitch
  13. Arfield struggling with the pitch
  14. 3 games in we have had a red rescinded and a good goal not allowed ffs
  15. Get this craigan to fuck