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  1. Morelos warm up today.

    He’s a wee dick
  2. Scott Arfield

    No brainier murty will 100% improve him
  3. Scott Arfield

    Just Falkirk mate no st Falkirk awright
  4. * The Generic Laugh at celtc Thread *

    He will get his cunt kicked in soon enough
  5. Scott Arfield

    Come ahead you helmet
  6. Scott Arfield

    Never played for st Falkirk mate
  7. Scott Arfield

    Fair enough
  8. Scott Arfield

    It’s an upgrade on our current midfield options don’t see what the problem is
  9. Scott Arfield

    Central midfield I think mate
  10. Scott Arfield

    Great signing
  11. Candeias Goal

    Great goal couldn’t give a fuck how he celebrates
  12. A reality check....

    Stopped reading at ginger Maldini 👍
  13. Murty after game

  14. Union bears

    Wee Fannies
  15. Hummel

    Orange ones like an irn bru can tell you what though thank fuck beaker bates is away Imagine that mongoloid in an orange top