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  1. Both absolute dug shite and wouldn’t get away with there styles at Rangers
  2. The SPFL are on there knees and these small clubs are seeing a chance to kick them whilst they are down 😂 it’s happening boys these cunts are finished
  3. And do you belive this gamble has been taken without proper thought and guarantees that output will meet demand ?
  4. Mines too 💪🏼it must be torture having to buy multiple kits for kids too these days
  5. The removal of certain obese cretins from the deals sees me very confident in future strip deals
  6. The strips while be in line with current market price ranges
  7. You think ? im pretty sure the people making these decisions do more than just think.this is not a gamble there’s no downside here for the club other than spoilt fans crying on social media
  8. What guarantees any company ? As already stated if not we move on with another supplier it’s win win for Rangers
  9. The size of the company’s is irrelevant it’s about the guaranteed income that matters
  10. There wage bill is also near double ours though
  11. We are witnessing a meltdown 😂the next step is for them to attack us before creating a fall guy of there own to hang out to dry
  12. You are right mate it’s an embarrassing time right now that stuff absolutely disgusts me
  13. Undermines us and weakens our stance it’s absolutely pish attention seeking wee dicks need to see the bigger picture
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