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  1. kaiser1041

    Which players will leave as a result of signings

    Grezda is pish
  2. Zero sympathy for the cretin
  3. kaiser1041

    It's oh so quiet at work

    Quiet at my place aswell mate we don’t go back till Monday
  4. kaiser1041

    Beaton calls in the police

    After being at the hibs games last season it bemused me that some think Beaton has a liking for us 😂sent jack off for being head butted and booked Alfie for getting choke slammed 😂
  5. kaiser1041

    Jermain Defoe

    Hopefully we get this across the line
  6. kaiser1041

    Glen Kamara

    Again I won’t pretend to know much about the boy but I wish him luck. stood out a few times against us to be fair
  7. kaiser1041

    Jordan Jones

    Not sure about this but least he’s not a tarrier and least tav will have an easier time of it 😂
  8. kaiser1041

    Steven Gerrard - Fix You

    We’ve won fuck all yet ffs
  9. kaiser1041


    Not overly excited if I’m honest but ultimately a huge improvement on sadiq
  10. kaiser1041

    No further punishment for Morelos

    Nothing to celebrate really the boy was subject to a witch hunt hunt over some pretty minor flashpoints
  11. kaiser1041

    Dominic Solanke

    He was never a realistic target though was he ?
  12. kaiser1041

    Are there any players in the Spfl worth buying?

    Absolutely none should even be considered
  13. kaiser1041

    Vignal the Cameraman.

    As sad as it makes me yesterday was 100% the best day of the holidays and fucking year. seeing the joy on the young boy who sits in front of me since division 3 with his dad bring it home when his auld man isn’t here and he’s and auld man himself they will always have days like yesterday that money can’t buy