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  1. Barry Ferguson on Naisthmith

    Another ex player chomping on Timmy dick. the best thing pedro did was not employ this brainless banger
  2. Best window since Walter returned?

    Cunts are getting carried away
  3. ***Florida Cup Thread***

    No more games but depends on other results wether we win
  4. ***Florida Cup Thread***

  5. ***Florida Cup Thread***

  6. ***Florida Cup Thread***

    Great goal excellent delivery
  7. ***Florida Cup Thread***

    Cool story hen keep using recycled Kerkar patter ya boring dick
  8. ***Florida Cup Thread***

    Cunts should stop making a cunt of dalcio it’s fucking boring grim patter
  9. ***Florida Cup Thread***

    Goss looks very tidy
  10. ***Florida Cup Thread***

    Just a kick about for us judging by the team selection
  11. Kris Boyd On Summer Signings

    It 100% doesn’t but people in glass houses shouldn’t throw stones. its actually a poor show that’s he’s given platform considering he still plays in the league
  12. Kris Boyd On Summer Signings

    He did first time around second Time though he was fat unfit and here for a jolly ironically
  13. Kris Boyd On Summer Signings

    As bad as super ally discussing the managers failings on bt
  14. * The Generic Laugh at celtc Thread *

    Signing the best young talent available