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  1. 👍👍
  2. Now sign Clint hill and we're going for 55s again yass
  3. Club are blameless as you say. great return for such a young boy
  4. Nae cunts Gona hear you from your living room mate
  5. You got a ticket mate ?
  6. I've got a bird mate so log back onto plenty of pricks and get your dates that way 👍👍
  7. Listen wankivelli it's was deleted because the subject is done to death on other threads
  8. McLean a much better footballer
  9. Sevco zombie deed and aww that
  10. A mourinho classic
  11. Criticise guys for having a go at bears then calls bears morons eh? wish to fuck you'd combust already
  12. He can fuck off id much rather even shite like moult from Motherwell over him
  13. Who is he ?
  14. I'm so angry right now
  15. It's hardly surprising when the majority who attend games either don't have a clue what they are watching or like me see everything through tinted glasses. we have a just win mentality at Rangers and don't bore us with the details