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  1. As if you have sky ya tramp
  2. He's your hell mate 👍
  3. Well he's obviously a self harmer looking to get beat.i really don't want to
  4. 😂😂look at the nick of you.ill fight you if you want but it wouldn't be fair on the wean seeing his dad get punched about like the fat mess he is
  5. You are a fucking riddy having a proper meltdown wether you admit or not I'd advise you to stop making pointless threats and invitations online someone will end up giving you a slap be a role model for your kid
  6. I'll fight anycunt
  7. This shites so low on the list of priorities
  8. We need proven fucking quality not young cunts fae Man City's under 12vs
  9. The most intelligent player I've had the pleasure to watch live. his awareness of space the timing of his runs were outstanding
  10. Unfortunately the manager wasn't a cheap option he cost us a fair whack
  11. Guys a dud and the board are to blame they gambled when they needed a strong manager that knew Scottish football walter smith was asked his opinion by the current board and he gave it the board ignored it. we now sit 5 points behind st Johnstone after 3 games.out of Europe by a team of part time buffters. we are a comedy show from top to bottom if you can't find some defence for this you are either trolling or a fucking moron.
  12. Big eck pointing out the fucking obvious
  13. If we offer more than 500k we are off our fucking heads he's average
  14. The Pedro of football kits
  15. Cunts