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  1. Pretty disheartening these results but it's pre season it's really all about fitness
  2. I thought it was just last years kit with a new launch
  3. Why did he lose concentration and put the cone on his nut ?
  4. Threads a fucking discrace
  5. Laudrup incredible talent and the consummate professional. lets face it we'd rather our kids grew up to be like Brian
  6. Friday was the last id heard anything
  7. For what's it's worth the last I heard our latest bid was rejected and a further bid is expected though I haven't had anything confirmed. personal term are agreed though in principle 👍
  8. Yer full of shite and enjoy a fishing trip
  9. Tammy Abraham
  10. Sack everycunt
  11. Fucking hate the bastards already
  12. Neither have sevco yassss
  13. Sebastian faure plays for them 😂😂
  14. It's simple stop fucking about.buy your kids the tops and never mind what other kids are wearing 👍 Our kids shouldn't be punished