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  1. Senior player at the club acting like a fucking embarrassment get a fucking grip
  2. kaiser1041


    His goal was a masterclass in striking he waits makes the contact with the defender then finishes at the right time
  3. He’s an average wee dick
  4. We need a selfish striker we need a selfish striker get a selfish striker and cunts go mental 😂😂
  5. Quiet at my place aswell mate we don’t go back till Monday
  6. After being at the hibs games last season it bemused me that some think Beaton has a liking for us 😂sent jack off for being head butted and booked Alfie for getting choke slammed 😂
  7. We’ve won fuck all yet ffs
  8. kaiser1041


    Not overly excited if I’m honest but ultimately a huge improvement on sadiq
  9. Nothing to celebrate really the boy was subject to a witch hunt hunt over some pretty minor flashpoints
  10. As sad as it makes me yesterday was 100% the best day of the holidays and fucking year. seeing the joy on the young boy who sits in front of me since division 3 with his dad bring it home when his auld man isn’t here and he’s and auld man himself they will always have days like yesterday that money can’t buy
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