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  1. I agree, i think we will pummel the Hivs, we played much better without Jelavic last time out too and i expect the same today.
  2. It wont matter, its not like Ally will get any great portion of it to spend, if any.
  3. The news on the radio earlier today said Rangers were waiting for an improved bid to come in this evening.
  4. Absolutely no way would that £7m have included the "values" of two players.
  5. Whether he did or didnt, the club still spent money. And?What do you want? Some free spending billionnaire? Have i mentioned the bank debt?
  6. And? The fact is the club still spent the money and is committed to these contracts. Anyway, i dont expect him to put his hands in his own pockets, i dont want that from our owner, i want our club to live within its means. Something Murray could never do and something which we need to do. What part of that do you not understand?
  7. Well we spent £5.3m and signed 20 players under Allys watch. Not a bad investment. Allys budget could and should have been spent much better.
  8. He actually said "if some of that needs to be front ended." If and some of key word and phrase.
  9. I cannot be any clearer M, he did not promise to front load £25m. He said we could or would front load part of the overall investment. No way was he ever going to spend £25m in one season never mind one window.
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