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  1. Hi GB, Good to hear from you even if it is sad news (that seems to be all there is at present!). £25.00 sent, mate, through Media Fund, hope it helps.
  2. He will...he's in love with the place! He's got the same 'bug' for 'Pool that we have for The 'Gers! (I hope!)
  3. What a guy! Brave to the end! Loved you as a player and you showed us all how to behave at the end! Never forgotten. R.I.P. Fernando.
  4. saw earlier on that he's in trouble with his club was at the game last night without their permission! Shouldn't even have been in Glasgow!
  5. His Dad is Northern Irish
  6. All ya gotta do is ask! £10 sent! Brilliant work, Guys!
  7. terry739

    Left back

    Thursday night seems an option since he should be in a good mental state after scoring that goal.? We might then see the real Borna. Unfortunately it's a "Must Win!" so SG may not think that way! Probably Safety First?
  8. Met him (very briefly) outside the ground before a Saturday game while my son got his autograph! A real gent and an incredible footballer!
  9. Might replace Goldson, Gerrard said last week in an after match interview that Katic was playing so well that he couldn't be dropped and was keeping Hellander out of the team!
  10. That appeals to my sense of humour....BUT! I've absolutely no time for the Republic in any shape or form not just football! So, Josh, stick with Scotland, son, unless you can find some way to play for us?
  11. Sorry, mate, as I said I watched a gers game there but didn't know if they showed all Gers games. There were 2 or 3 footie games being shown when we were there. Can't remember the name of the bar, I'll try to find out from the wife.
  12. Try hotel Grand Millenium Al Wahda in Abu Dhabi. Hazza Bin Zahed The First St (according to Google maps!) We stayed there couple of years ago and they have a sports bar down below. We watched a Gers match and had a few beers ut don't know if they show all Gers games! worth a try! Let me know if it works out for you?
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