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  1. terry739

    Coincidence or not ?

    Heard that same rumour over here (Belfast) around Xmas time. Didn't believe it then but have heard it a couple of times since. Con man....hope not!
  2. terry739

    Big Jock Knew

    Apologies. Didn't realise that petitions to Scottish Parliament didn't need a required number of sigs! I stand corrected....many thanks!
  3. terry739

    Big Jock Knew

    I signed this a couple of days ago, but what's the idea of getting to 25000? Surely it needs 100000 within 30 days to be considered being read in Parliament?
  4. terry739

    Welcome To Ibrox Jones + Kamara

    Don't think so either, but if they could a player just needs to say "NO!" He's contracted to his present club and doesn't have to leave until contract expires! (Pena, Herrera etc)
  5. terry739

    Official: Steven Davis Returns

    Welcome back Steven
  6. terry739


    Scottish Sun has it too....signed did medical etc in Manchester https://www.thescottishsun.co.uk/sport/football/
  7. terry739

    Beaton calls in the police

    Did Maxwell not say that they (SFA) were happy to meet with member clubs to discuss anything they weren't happy with (not just Lawell/celtic)?
  8. terry739

    Welcome To Ibrox Jones + Kamara

    Thanks for that! serves the bastards right!
  9. terry739

    Welcome To Ibrox Jones + Kamara

    Any as long as it's played on flutes n drums!
  10. terry739

    Welcome To Ibrox Jones + Kamara

    They turned down £350,000 if I remember right!
  11. terry739

    Welcome To Ibrox Jones + Kamara

    Welcome home, jordan jones. You're "Norn Iron' family will be proud!
  12. terry739

    Dermot Gallagher on Morelos

    Does she not have to wait on Beaton's match report and only if he mentions anything can she take it further?
  13. terry739


    Think someone has had a word in all their ears recently....too much being said and too much being noticed since SG got here?
  14. terry739

    How Do You Judge SG So Far?

    Knows what it takes to win a football match and is definitely getting through to the players! Amazing improvement under SG....would agree 8/10......but look forward to transfer window....a good playmaker and we'll see another improvement. Great guy and going to be a great manager at Ibrox for years to come (long as Klopp stays at Anfield!)
  15. terry739

    Ryan Hardie?

    I remember that he was fast enough that day, anyway! If I remember right he ran with one from the halfway line!