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  1. Serve Scotland? They don't do too much to help us, do they? seems to be the opposite, to me anyway!
  2. Never forgotten! Nemo Me Impune Lacessit
  3. Think they would have a difficult job after letting Power off with the same offence.
  4. My apologies....but it's the first time I've started a post and never even thought about doing that! Your well constructed reply will certainly make me think next time!
  5. If we don't sign it only shows we don't give a fuck and we're not prepared to fight back! Take it from an Ulsterman....we've been there and fuckin' done that! These fuckers never stop.......
  6. Sign it anyway. Show a bit of solidarity!
  7. There's a petition on Change.org to get the Compliance Officer sacked or make her resign. GET IT SIGNED! I found it by entering 'Clare Whyte' Never Forget Never Forgive
  8. And into Steve Clarks for trying to get one of our players suspended before playing his team. He should be ashamed of himself!
  9. Sent just now. Keep up the good work, guys. Thanks for everything you do!
  10. Heard that same rumour over here (Belfast) around Xmas time. Didn't believe it then but have heard it a couple of times since. Con man....hope not!
  11. Apologies. Didn't realise that petitions to Scottish Parliament didn't need a required number of sigs! I stand corrected....many thanks!
  12. I signed this a couple of days ago, but what's the idea of getting to 25000? Surely it needs 100000 within 30 days to be considered being read in Parliament?
  13. Don't think so either, but if they could a player just needs to say "NO!" He's contracted to his present club and doesn't have to leave until contract expires! (Pena, Herrera etc)
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