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  1. To be fair it was at our end of the ground so we are obviously responsible for damage to the led hording.
  2. Brilliant post, spot on indeed.
  3. Surely leaving seats empty is the same as letting people in for free, the seats would have been sold so 50% of the potential revenue should be due to the sfl or whatever they call themselves these days.
  4. Yeah a nice payday for the scum, who gets the largest share of the cash I wonder???
  5. Best interview by a rangers manager in years. First class.
  6. He just about cut it as a striker in the 3rd division, has been a liability since. Must never be seen in a rangers shirt again.
  7. Was Fifa not ruling that french rules apply in the transfer not english, France counts u21 games England doesn't. Neither Scotland or England count them so transfer should be fine. Maybe I'm being overly optimistic about this?
  8. Well said that man.
  9. I wonder if they record the amount of signatures that were not 'validated', if so would a FOI request reveal?
  10. How many signatures weren't counted for one reason or another?
  11. My local Mccolls newsagents has been giving away a free daily record with any other paper bought every 3rd week for the last few months. Tried to refuse it one day and she beeped it through and put it back in the pile saying they have been instructed to beep it through the till even if customer refuses it. Real circulation figures must be much worse. My heart bleeds.
  12. Keep at it guys, i've been trying for 45mins, just got it on now