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  1. Your team just won, away talk nonsense on one of their taigy forums.
  2. League is over. Can see us getting put out on Wednesday also, finishing our season. If our manager was anyone else apart from Gerrard, everyone would be calling for him to be sacked.
  3. Domestically, absolutely nothing has changed since our first season back in the SPL. Yes, we had a half decent euro run this season but if you told me that this team and performance today was a Warburton, Caixinha or Murty team, I would not argue with you. Shambles.
  4. Because your son, just like you Derek, is a prick.
  5. Does anyone actually know what’s going on with him? Seems very strange that he’s not getting a sniff at all, I’ve heard the rumours about a member of his family being unwell, but surely it’s something that the press would ask about. Feels like there is something more serious going on and the press have been told not to mention it.
  6. Rapid are selling home end tickets from their Stadium on 05/12. Will anyone be in vienna by any chance and fancy picking me 3 up?
  7. Anyone got any home end tickets give me a shout also
  8. Wullie72


    You’ve fucked that.
  9. We can get Progres Siroki Brijeg Shkupi Stumbras Dunajska Streda
  10. They have been, we have kept a number of seats available for one off purchases.
  11. Because he’s chopping the ears of a dog off ?
  12. Deserves the bad press on this occasion. Wonder if he’d be ok with it if I offered to cut his ears off?
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