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  1. Wullie72

    Europa league 1st qualifier draw

    We can get Progres Siroki Brijeg Shkupi Stumbras Dunajska Streda
  2. Wullie72

    Season Tickets

    They have been, we have kept a number of seats available for one off purchases.
  3. Wullie72

    Tavernier's 'mutilated' dug

    Because he’s chopping the ears of a dog off 👀
  4. Wullie72

    Tavernier's 'mutilated' dug

    Deserves the bad press on this occasion. Wonder if he’d be ok with it if I offered to cut his ears off?
  5. Wullie72

    Dave king statement

    Announce Orange top
  6. Wullie72

    Dave king statement

    King obviously now knows they have nothing on him anymore, he’s played this spectacularly well.
  7. Wullie72

    Neale Cooper

  8. Wullie72

    Neale Cooper

  9. Wullie72

    Season ticket move

    Just spoke to the TO, almost 40k renewals and 3k on the seat transfer list. Anyone looking for a swap from Copland rear to Main Stand rear?
  10. Wullie72

    Marco Negri

    His fault we didn’t win 10 in a row. Huffy bastard.
  11. Wullie72

    Major investment?

    15 mins until meltdown.
  12. Wullie72

    Major investment?

    Very strange that no journos have mentioned it or “leaked” anything.
  13. Wullie72

    Glenn Middleton

    HITC died with teletext.
  14. Wullie72

    Major investment?

    Is this 11pm non disclosure agreement a real thing or made up nonsense?