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  1. Women who want to play football are only doing it to tick a box? You don't think they might actually want to play football? Utterly bizarre comment, especially coming from a woman.
  2. http://www.hesgoal.com/news/51756/UFC_Fight_Night_242_Abu_Dhabi.html
  3. Mols94

    Joe Aribo

    Joe 'Ejaria' Aribo
  4. Don't understand people saying Davis had a bad match. I thought he was excellant, it was the rest that were shite.
  5. People laugh at them for spending £7 million and £9 million on 2 players but that's what's needed if your going to win league titles. Not signing cunts like Ojo and Jones.
  6. Why the fuck did Gerrard decide to mess with our formation and tactics for an Old Firm match? Fucking lunacy.
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