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  1. Thread for next season
  2. That time of the year again If you played last year you should automatically join this years classic league, provided you can remember your login details. Newcomers can join by using the code below; Code to join the classic league: 89271-24138 If you want to also take part in the H2H league, you'll have to rejoin it as you can't renew it; Code to join the Head to Head league: 89271-79533 Entry to the leagues will be closed after gameweek 3/4 Link to the site -
  3. Wtf happened Frey? He only retired 2 years ago
  4. No. Only support Rangers. I follow a few other teams, Club America and Man United.
  5. We're a laughing stock. Have been for years.
  6. Caixinha hasn't changed our style of play whatsoever. Still playing the same way we did under Warburton. Aimless sideways passing.
  7. Sportsmania have Premier Sports don't they?
  8. Do you have an ad block on? It could interfere with it. If you're using IE or Firefox you might need to update Java.
  9. Portugal vs Mexico should be a good match. Both teams brought full strength squads.
  10. Free 3 month trial for UFC Fight Pass, can be used on multiple accounts. You don't need to enter Credit/Debit cards details to activate it. When you sign up scroll down on the sign up screen and you'll see a place to enter it.
  11. Confederations Cup starts today with Russia vs New Zealand
  12. It's hardly a farce. It's simple maths.
  13. He's a quality wee player, very underrated. Always gives at least a 7/10 performance for club and country.