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  1. We're fucked. I honestly don't see how we can come back tbh. The scum are too far ahead in every department.
  2. Dodoo, Windass and McKay should start next week
  3. Game over and no doubt another fucking spanking next week
  4. It's amazing how any of our players are professional footballers.
  5. This is fucking embarrassing. It really is. We need a fucking miracle if we're going to be able to challenge them over the next 10 years or so.
  6. Disgraceful performance so far, they're all over us. It will take years to claw this back
  7. ffs
  8. Fantastic, just as Norway were getting their grip on the game
  9. Cracking start
  10. Important match tonight, should hopefully be a win
  11. Happy days, very good start from us
  12. We're a lot more direct, not as much fannying around