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  1. NI v Switzerland

    Gutted. Fantastic performance though.
  2. NI v Switzerland

    This ref has been bought. Disgrace the whole night.
  3. Patrice Evra - Suspended by Marseille

    Suspended not released
  4. *** The Official Hearts vs Rangers Match Thread ***

    Streams can be found here https://www.reddit.com/r/soccerstreams/comments/799csk/1130_gmt_heart_of_midlothian_vs_rangers_fc/
  5. *** The Official Hearts vs Rangers Match Thread ***

    Good to see Hardie in the squad
  6. ***Suggestion Thread***

    Michael O'Neill
  7. HD stream http://www.tuganix.com/forum/live/bt1.php
  8. Wales v ROI

    Aren't the playoff seedings based on world ranking? The top 4 highest ranked are seeded, the bottom 4 aren't
  9. Wales v ROI

    Fenian bastards
  10. *** The Official Old Firm Match Thread ***

    We're going to get pumped at this rate
  11. *** The Official Old Firm Match Thread ***

    I feel sick
  12. Absolutely a red card
  13. Salah's finishing is dreadful
  14. It guarantees 2nd place but not qualification. It puts us into the playoff round against other 2nd place teams.