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  1. If you haven't, you should give the Mexican League a watch. The second leg of the league final is this Monday at 00:06. The first leg finished 2-2 and was a cracker. It also featured a pretty nice goal from Gignac.
  2. He's a big lump, he's good in the air but that's about it really. We should stay clear
  3. They went through a bit of a rough spell and haven't won the title since 2006. However they are in the league final this year against Tigres. Pena won back to back titles with Club Leon
  4. Reports in the Mexican media that we're interested in Carlos 'Gullit' Pena from Guadalajara. He's a box to box CM, solid on the ball and is built like a tank. Some outlets are reporting that he has more or less signed
  5. Reports saying he signed a new 4 year contract with his team
  6. Can't wait to be put out by a 2nd division Latvian team
  7. I was just about to put this game on and then seen the score on SSN. I think I'll save myself the torture.
  8. Each season is split into two short tournaments, the Apertura and the Clausura. A new champion is crowned for each short tournament through a playoff consisting of the top eight teams. His team finished 8th out of 18 this tournament (Clausura) and therefore qualified for the playoffs. The relegation system is pretty bizarre tbh. One club is relegated each year (two short tournaments). To decide who is relegated, the ratio of points to games is kept for each team. The club that has the worst points to games ratio over the previous three years (six short tournaments) is relegated. So Morelia Monarcas avoided relegation by the skin of their teeth because they managed to finish 8th. Most of South America operate a similar system. The relegation system is stupid and should be scraped but the playoff system leads to some very exciting, end to end football because teams just go for it.
  9. He scored a last minute winner last night to simultaneously save his team from relegation and take them into the top 8 playoff for the league title.
  10. Because he's black
  11. Yes, I do.
  12. I watch the Liga MX. Izquierdoz is one of the best CB's in the league, I cant see him going for anything less than £5 million.
  13. I can't see how we can come back from this, or if we ever will. We're a shadow of what we were.
  14. I just don't understand how any of these players are professional footballers, they can't do the basics. They are literally stealing a living. Fucking disgusting.
  15. I don't think I've every hated a player more than Waghorn