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  1. Loyal Bear 72


    Thr criticism of Halliday was way over the top. He deserves a chance under new management, with better quality players around him and in a team that is performing better. If he keeps doing what he's done this season so far for us, then he will be an important part of the squad.
  2. Loyal Bear 72

    What is still required?

    We will be bringing in at least 4 IMO. A centre half, a replacement for Windass and 2 strikers.
  3. Loyal Bear 72

    Armin Hodžić (Dinamo Zagreb)

    Herrera and Goss are also missing from the Out list.
  4. Loyal Bear 72

    Out?: Alfredo Morelos

    If we keep Morelos I reckon we will bring in 2 strikers. Selling Morelos will mean us bringing in a replacement as well. I suspect we have been waiting for the English window to shut or to find out on a potential loan deal from down south. My guess would be we are aiming for Morelos, Sadiq, Lafferty + Loan. If we aren't bringing in a 4th then i don't understand letting Hardie go back on loan, surely you would keep him as cover as we have very few options up front.
  5. Loyal Bear 72

    Kyle Lafferty

    Not entirely sure that is true. I don't think he will be prolific but reckon he would score important goals including goals against them which he has been doing at Hearts.
  6. Loyal Bear 72

    Listening to offers for Fod

    I would be very surprised if he was still with us come the transfer window shutting.
  7. Loyal Bear 72

    'Rangers' search on Google

    I type Rangers into Google all the time. Ive spoken to some fans who use specific news sites but if you want the largest coverage of news regarding Rangers you should type Rangers into Google and then select news as it captures more or less everything.
  8. Loyal Bear 72

    Dominic Solanke (Liverpool)

    I wouldn't say the defence is the priority now though. Assuming we get Bryan we have spent several million on 3 centre backs and also signed Flanagan. We have too many midfielders (11 and that's not including the younger players like Barjonas and Middleton). The no.1 priority now has to be the attack. We only have 2 strikers and 1 is having problems scoring. We need at least another 2.
  9. Loyal Bear 72

    Kean Bryan

    You've got to assume with the fees we are paying we are getting a better quality. Bringing in more experienced defenders like Senderos, Alves, Martin hasn't really worked. Besides, Bates didn't have any more experience than the 2-3 we have brought in.
  10. Loyal Bear 72

    Where are all the strikers?

    I reckon there will be at least another 2 strikers signed in this transfer window.
  11. Loyal Bear 72

    Steven Davis

    Anything the players say about the club would not have any effect either then or now. It was simply one company taking over the operation of the club from another company and employees therefore had the right to transfer or refuse to transfer under TUPE legislation.
  12. Loyal Bear 72

    Out?: Alfredo Morelos

    It depends on quality. If we can only get the right level of player by buying someone who hasn't played in Scotland then that's better if you ask me.
  13. Loyal Bear 72

    Dodoo gone on year loan.

    Pretty much spot on except for Docherty who has not had a real chance to show. Edit: Jack as well. I reckon Fod will probably leave and reckon we would get an ok transfer fee as well. If he stays then Alnwick will proably be loaned out. As for Dodoo, I wish him all the best. Hopefully he does well.
  14. Loyal Bear 72

    Full backs

    I think there will easily be around 12+ signings this window. If Goldson signs that will be 5 already and there will be players still going out that will be replaced. Long way to go before the window shuts.
  15. Loyal Bear 72

    SFA to Block Rangers Cutting celtic Allocation

    Spot on. It's clearly designed to make it look like it is some sort of reaction to our earlier decision. But that decision was nothing to do with the cup, it was about selling more season tickets.