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  1. Loyal Bear 72

    Out?: Alfredo Morelos

    It depends on quality. If we can only get the right level of player by buying someone who hasn't played in Scotland then that's better if you ask me.
  2. Loyal Bear 72

    Dodoo gone on year loan.

    Pretty much spot on except for Docherty who has not had a real chance to show. Edit: Jack as well. I reckon Fod will probably leave and reckon we would get an ok transfer fee as well. If he stays then Alnwick will proably be loaned out. As for Dodoo, I wish him all the best. Hopefully he does well.
  3. Loyal Bear 72

    Full backs

    I think there will easily be around 12+ signings this window. If Goldson signs that will be 5 already and there will be players still going out that will be replaced. Long way to go before the window shuts.
  4. Loyal Bear 72

    SFA to Block Rangers Cutting celtic Allocation

    Spot on. It's clearly designed to make it look like it is some sort of reaction to our earlier decision. But that decision was nothing to do with the cup, it was about selling more season tickets.
  5. Loyal Bear 72

    Ever applauded an opposition player at Ibrox?

    If your talking about great perfomances by players at Ibrox then of course there is Mendieta, Riquelme, Benzema but none of them would have been applauded individually during those matches. Matthaus got some applause (and boos) due to him being subbed. Lampard got applause not just for who he was but because it was also a friendly. Andrews got the applause when he was warming up on the sidelines.
  6. Loyal Bear 72

    Ever applauded an opposition player at Ibrox?

    I clapped Matthaus when he was subbed off for Bayern Munich. There was quite a few clapping but there was a lot of boos as well. The best reception an opposition player ever got at Ibrox was Lampard.
  7. Loyal Bear 72

    Dave king statement

    Yeah the club and the team that it puts out on the park is what we all support. The club was formed in 1872. Companies are just companies.
  8. Loyal Bear 72

    Dave king statement

    The Rangers International Football Club PLC is a holding company. The Rangers Football Club Ltd is the operating company (or owner). The Club (Rangers Football Club) is owned and operated by The Rangers Football Club LTD, which, in turn, is a subsidiary of The Rangers International Football Club PLC
  9. Loyal Bear 72

    Dave king statement

    The club name has been "Rangers FC" for a long time, I believe since our formation in 1872. The club has at times been known as "The Rangers" as well, likely due to the fact the company names have always been "The Rangers Football Club". However there is a distinction between the company and club names as they are separate entities. The operating company owns and runs the football club.
  10. Loyal Bear 72

    Dave king statement

    Club name: Rangers FC Aka: Rangers, The Rangers, The Rangers FC, Glasgow Rangers. Company names: The Rangers Football Club Ltd; The Rangers Football Club Plc
  11. Loyal Bear 72

    Barry Ferguson

    Rangers done more for him? Club Captain 5 League Titles 5 League Cups 5 Scottish Cups 2 Trebles 1 European Final Over 400 Appearances Easily the greatest Rangers player of the last 20 years.
  12. Loyal Bear 72

    Collymore the pisshead on the attack

    He has close to a million followers. Millions more can see this stuff through retweets. He's slandering the club and attempting to turn others against us while it can also damage the club's brand. You can't just ignore that. The club 100% need to deal with this.
  13. Unfortunately players were looking after themselves. This could also be true of those that stayed as well as they had contracts with decent wages and perhaps knew they would not get a better contract elsewhere easily. They will all have their own stories and some will deserve the resentment more than others. 2 of the players went public at the time and it was disgraceful. I reckon more fans were vocally against Miller re-signing the first time than they are of McGregor now. But Walter Smith went ahead with the Miller signing anyway. I don't see re-signing former players that made mistakes as a 'standards' issue as long as they are being signed for the right reason and that is that they will help get this club back to the top. I think if he's the best signing we could make then we had to make it. Whatever is needed to win our next title trumps any grudges held against former players.
  14. Loyal Bear 72

    Gerrard agrees terms - unconfirmed

    It's not just similar. 10 out of the 11 that started for them on Sunday were signed by Delia. The league was a certainty anyway due to lack of competition and the size of their squad. In the cups they did not do well and many of the players were probably considered shite. Basically my point is the right manager can turn a player around. A players form does not necessarily show his ability. Many of these players will have to go but there not all shite.
  15. Loyal Bear 72

    Gerrard agrees terms - unconfirmed

    He's right. I hate to say this but the team that beat us on Sunday was more or less Deila's team and most of them were written off before they got Rodgers in. Just because a player is not playing well doesn't mean he's shite and just because the team is playing shite doesn't mean they are all shite.