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  1. Let’s End The Uncertainty

    Don't think anyone would suggest a permanent deal at the moment. I think it's a case of give him it till the end of season, which I think the board are going to do based on how we perform till the end of the year.
  2. Miller and Murty

    Definitely is over the top. Saying that it's maybe a good time to start using Miller more cleverly. Starting certain games or coming on as a sub. He's definitely nearing the end now but is still capable of getting us points.
  3. Who’s 2nd on the list ?

    Our manager in the second half of this season will either be Graeme Murty or Tommy Wright.
  4. Derek McInnes

    I think it's a case of King wanting McInnes and a couple of board members that don't. They will likely not be wanting to spend the clubs money on a release clause for someone they don't fancy as a manager.
  5. Derek McInnes

    You need to look a bit further than that statistic to see how well he has done. That why I provided some facts. He's at Aberdeen. They hadn' won a trophy in nearly 20 years. The only reason people say he should have won more is because of the level he has managed to get them too.
  6. Derek McInnes

    1 cup in 10 isn't really a fair way to put it. Out of 4 leagues he has had one 3rd place finish and 3 runners up finishes. Out of 7 cup finals he has reached 3 and won 1. Last season, when we were back in the top tier he finished runner up in all 3 domestic competitions. His win ratio at them is their highest since Alex Ferguson and only Alex Smith/Jocky Scott from 30 years ago are anywhere close to it. Don't know why some folk are saying he's not done a great job with them. It's clear he has.
  7. Last night showed why McInnes was the wrong choice for us

    He' still their manager just now and is obviously going to remain commited to them until he has new employers. Any change from him in charge of them would be a lack of integrity in my opinon. And integrity is something I'm sure we all want the next manager to have. Also, while it probably shouldn't have an effect, I'd say McInnes probably wants to do really well against us in these 2 games as it would help solidify his chances of coming here (assuming he wants it which I think he probably does). 2 defeats on the other hand could have an opposite effect.
  8. Allan McGregor

    It's very possible Green told them to find new clubs but was intending to sell them, and this then backfired when the SPFA and the players agents told the players they could leave for nothing. Even if this was true it is still the players fault at the end of the day as they chose to deny us money by not transferring.
  9. Derek McInnes

    On the basis that nobody has come in for him so far. He's not said "I will 100% be staying the Aberdeen manager" or "I am simply not interested in the Rangers job". Those types of quotes would be definitive. What he has said is not definitive.
  10. Derek McInnes

    McCall done an amazing job with Motherwell but McInnes has done a really good job up there as well.
  11. Ange Pestecoglou

    Not really the point though. I'm talking about risk. Individual managers can succeed or fail. Generally the risk will be higher with a foreign coach as he's got to adapt his own philosophy and methods to our football. That is very difficult. I'd rather go for a manager who has done well managing in Scotland and knows the game here and knows how to play it. Too many foreign coaches come to Scotland and underestimate the physicality of the game and the defensive nature in which it is played. I'd actually include Warburton in that category as well. It was his lack of knowledge of the Scottish game and his unwillingness to adapt to it that was his downfall.
  12. Ange Pestecoglou

    Don't really care much about the guys stats. Any manager whose never managed in British football (perhaps even Scottish) is too big a risk this time.
  13. Champions League 99/2000

  14. Champions League 99/2000

    Double post
  15. Champions League 99/2000

    They were absolutely class when they came to Ibrox. Unreal how good Mendieta was. Best performance I've seen from an opposition player agains us.