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  1. Barry Ferguson - Brenda got lucky.

    Think his article is more or less correct on this occasion. First time we've played them in years where I felt before kick off that we should be winning the match. I felt that we done enough during the match to beat them. And in hindsight I am absolutely raging we didn't win it. Murty seems to have the team going 'toe to toe' with them now which I see as a big difference. The competitive edge is there and the games can go either way in the way they used to. For me Murty deserves a lot of the credit for bringing the team up a level. We still need to improve but who is to say we won't. He's got to the end of the season so that would be the best time to decide on whether he should stay or whether we should we get someone else in. A lot of people have made their minds up which I think is a bit unfair as there is still a lot to play for.
  2. Best chance to beat them?

    I'd say yes we are definitely closer to challenging them. We havn't closed the gap yet but it's definitely reduced in my opinion. I expect us to win every game we now play. Thats the way it should be at this club and it shows clear progress from last year. You use the term "big strides" but it sounds very similar to progress. I'm still gutted about the score yesterday but don't think it' delusional to recognise we have moved forward.
  3. Best chance to beat them?

    You keep saying there's no progress but I can't see how anyone can say that. I'm as gutted as everyone else but not being where we want to be is not the same as not progressing towards it. We have a team who have became far more consistent. The team is playing far better and dropping far less points. Played 11 in 2018, won 9 and lost 2 scoring 33 goals. That' the first game against them in years I've went into expecting to win. We fell short and it's a hard one to take but we've clearly moved forward.
  4. He didn't really do much wrong when he was with us to be fair. He was solid for us without being great. Definitely wasn't terrible.
  5. Jason Cummings

    You would be mad to think he's not capable of scoring in league games for us. Firstly, he has scored in the league even though his playing time has been limited so far. Secondly he was known for scoring in bigger games with Hibs including top tier teams in the cups. Thirdly he clearly knows how to remain composed and stick the ball in the net. If we get a big chance in front of goal against them then I'd want it to be Cummings who's there to take it.
  6. Say what you want about him now but

    I don't think he was as far of it as you think. On the big stage he bested some of the best midfielders and teams in Europe. And he done it for us which is not as easy as it can be for the midfielders who play for Barca, Bayern, Man U etc who have the other top players around them. I woudnt say he was the best in Europe at any time but I think he was probably the only world class player we have had since Laudrup and Gazza.
  7. The pattern is changing though. We've won 6 in the last 7 matches and 4 in the last 5 league matches. Also was it not Murty in charge when we won the 4 league games in a row as well? And all with a team that was a total mess when he inherited it. Win ratio for his current spell is close to 70%.
  8. The only reason we think we could have caught them is because of the results Murty has managed to get, especially in bigger matches. Let's say another manager was brought in earlier this season. He might have won a few of the games we lost but could just as easily lost the bigger games. The bad results have been becoming less regular since Murty took charge. In 2018 we have played 7, won 6 and scored 21 goals. Players who have been written off are now showing real value to the team. We are bringing in the right kind of players and the team are playing well. Still room for improvement but I'm confident we are moving in the right direction. For the first time since being back in the top tier I actally expect us to win all of our games again. That to me is the most important difference.
  9. They had no competition because they were financially too far ahead of the others. That gap is made bigger with CL revenue and player sales. Take those 2 things away the gap is less and an 'upset' in the league might have been a possibility.
  10. The 3 years they didn't qualify for champions league they sold a player to cover their shortfall. It is a reason but definitely not the only reason.
  11. I'd say he was reasonably well known when we got him. He had also won the Champions league with Ajax the summer before we signed him.
  12. 17 points dropped since Pedro left.

    Murty has more points per games played. Not by a lot mind you. Warburton has the highest win ratio but that is including the Championship / Challenge Cup matches. If you just focus on top-tier games Murty has the highest win ratio of the 3. If you only look at Murty's current spell as manager his win ratio is approx equal with Walter Smith's second spell.
  13. 17 points dropped since Pedro left.

    A bit unfair on Murty as your only taking into account one stat. The big difference is that Murty has won all his other games with the exception of the 2 draws against them, both of which were decent results under the circumstances. Warburton and Caixinha had more draws and it's reflected in their win ratios in top tier games.
  14. Rossiter

    I'm not going to judge him as a Rangers player until he's had a run of games and can get himself fit. Its unfair on him to judge his ability otherwise.
  15. GM..Has the answer been right under our blue noses

    We were a football catastrophe before Murty stepped up. Now we are not and that is with immense credit to him.