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  1. he offered his resignation and they accepted it on monday and then went to talk to forest. that should rule out him of saying that it was all a big mistake and I didnt really quit. Written or not ,In football (contractual obligations) ,you dont go to an interview without permission of your employer unless you are already unemployed
  2. Yes , but it will be closer than it should be .
  3. Thank fuck for that . yaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaas
  4. Alan Gow
  5. Was about to say him .him and Gary Bollan signed at the same time and Bollan was expected to be a starting player and Cleland just a squad player .Turned out the exact opposite .
  6. Then we can go round and put their windaes in.
  7. we get plenty of goals from midfield , I think 20+ would be the minimum .
  8. is the word "pish" ?
  9. going by the video , he seems to get on the ball a lot .
  10. that should be set to music
  11. if thats john's son ,he will probably be free.
  12. Brown was pish , a fud of a man but he WAS a decent player .his career looks as though its coming to an end .The only thing I agree with in Bonners ratings was tierney ,who looks a good player (Liewell will have a buyer lined up for him already ) the rest of the team were mediocre at best .We on the other hand didnt have anybody who didnt pull their weight and we outclassed them in every position .
  13. derek whyte, tom boyd and berkovic were loathsome fuckers too
  14. Grant and Anton Rogan ,just hearing his name gives me the boak
  15. havnt been on much lately ,so i had forgotten to donate . have sorted that now. keep up the good work GB .