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  1. Out of the 7 that are under contract ,Waghorn, MOH, Windass, Crooks, Forrester and Kiernan and Halliday .even on a good day ,none of them are worth more than 500k .between 100 and 250k is more realistic .
  2. Dembele dollars ?
  3. I think if we got 2 million for them we would be lucky .In fact if we got them off the wage bill without it costing us ,I would be happy....ish .
  4. sorted
  5. Imagine getting slagged for your user name .
  6. fuckin imminents , coming over here n taking our jobs .
  7. He did try to bring a more professional attitude to the players which they wouldn't buy into .At PSG the DOF bought all the players and he coached them and picked the team .when left to his own devices ,he was a terrible judge of players and his signings were terrible .He was a dud at the clubs he went to after us too .now a pundit, he has found his level .He could have been a success in the long run but I doubt it .
  8. No he shouldn't have and no he wouldn,t have .
  9. Yes ,if it was because a top class manager wasn't able to join us till the summer. No , if it was just to save a bit of cash or because the board were dragging their heels to get someone in . so, undecided .
  10. he offered his resignation and they accepted it on monday and then went to talk to forest. that should rule out him of saying that it was all a big mistake and I didnt really quit. Written or not ,In football (contractual obligations) ,you dont go to an interview without permission of your employer unless you are already unemployed
  11. Yes , but it will be closer than it should be .
  12. Thank fuck for that . yaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaas
  13. Alan Gow
  14. Was about to say him .him and Gary Bollan signed at the same time and Bollan was expected to be a starting player and Cleland just a squad player .Turned out the exact opposite .
  15. Then we can go round and put their windaes in.