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  1. The first match at ibrox when they took over and the camera panned to the directors box i felt sick in the guts just looking at them.
  2. No problems over here in oz mate . Archives are fine.
  3. FFS YOU ARE BECOMIMG A JOKE FIGURE NOW.At least let a few go by to the keeper before the usall crap
  4. You are a trolling shite stirring prick
  5. Well done John.Keep up the good work
  6. it really is the best forum on the web for us bears.Big thanks to all the guys who make it so. And a big thanks to the girls for their hard work behind the scenes.All the best from OZ .Happy christmas and a good new year to every bear.Wee really are the people.And a wee thank you to Ian and Fox for their tremendous work , thanks guys.
  7. Great show guys. Loved the passion from George. True blue fantastic mate.Still laughing2hours later.
  8. This is the best Rangers show in town.So get behind your team and support the boys. The only one without an agenda.
  9. Big shout out to Larkie. Good on ya.Hope all goes well
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