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  1. Wouldn't it have been cheaper and quicker to hire an IT expert? Did the SPFL receive Dundee's email and open it, sorted.
  2. The only way to beat these cunts is you better them on the park, all of them, then you do it again and again so they beg for forgiveness. Give them nothing, "no quarter was given or asked".
  3. BBC pointing out Dundees 'No' must stand. Partick Thistle say they have received legal advice that Dundee's retracted vote "must stand", meaning the SPFL's resolution on ending the lower-league season fails. And Thistle claim the SPFL failed to "provide sufficient information" for clubs to make an informed vote. The proposal's outcome rests on Dundee, who voted no then asked for it not be considered, according to the SPFL. If it is passed, Thistle face relegation from the second tier. Kelty Hearts crowned champions as Lowland League season called Leaked Whatsapps, missing votes & bullying claims - SPFL's five days of chaos It would also allow the SPFL to end the Scottish Premiership season at a later date on the same points-per-game basis. Despite the requested deadline of 1700 on Friday, Scottish football remains in limbo, a situation that has "dismayed" Thistle. "The original vote by Dundee was cast in line with the SPFL's own rules and must stand, meaning that the resolution falls," the club's statement said. The Firhill outfit, bottom of the Scottish Championship, argue that the SPFL's resolution was not fit for purpose because it stated the only way to release funds to clubs was by declaring the season over. "However, as it now transpires, there was a vehicle to release monies in the shape of loans, quite apart from the possibility of changes being made to the SPFL articles to allow the payments normally made at the end of the season to be made now," Thistle added. "We would urge the SPFL to move immediately to approve loans to clubs against the monies owed to them at the season end, based on their current position in the league."
  4. Seems there was an alternative but blackmailed the other clubs into accepting the spfl version if they wanted monies.
  5. It's in PDF, the Spfl will deny seeing it anyhow.
  6. Particks Lawyers. https://cdn-5dd296c4f911cc1c581d2ef3.closte.com/wp-content/uploads/2020/04/2020.04.14-FINAL-Joint-Opinion-PTFC.pdf
  7. Deontay Wilder seems to have stumbled into the wrong press conference 🙄
  8. He'll be booked for fun up here, how dare he.
  9. Exciting times ahead for the young man, no wonder SG wanted to clear some deadwood to bring him in.
  10. Hagi was born ready, looks the part though.
  11. Tav in training today, wouldn't be surprised if he's on the bench tomorrow.
  12. I've had my appendix out, I was doing kung fu kicks in the hospital the very next day. I was about 8 at the time though (ripped all my stitches out)
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