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  1. I've had my appendix out, I was doing kung fu kicks in the hospital the very next day. I was about 8 at the time though (ripped all my stitches out)
  2. You won't be shocked to hear he's as nasty off the park when he was playing. He used to come to my town and drink with Ruel Fox and a local DJ. He refused to sign any young kids (aged 7/8) autographs and completely ignored them. My brother wound him up by asking about his England career when he got dropped to the U21s, cunt was raging.
  3. Christie came off because Davis ran him ragged, had him in his back-pocket all afternoon.
  4. Their bubble has burst, 5 tainted titles which no-one would brag about, they have no shame.
  5. Christie actually cramped up chasing his shadow.
  6. Our defence was brilliant today they didnt give them a sniff of goal.
  7. We can hold our heads up high, they're no way near us technically. This is a team being battered in their own yard, fighting for scraps whatever the result we've come a long way.
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