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  1. What I was asking was if anyone had these stats. I think Morelos gets fouled more and gets booked more than the average striker. But maybe it’s just my bias. I’m not going to watch every game and count this. I just wondered if these stats were available. We’re all on the same side remember
  2. It annoys me that Morelos gets booked for repeated petty fouls when he’s getting scythed down all over the place. Refs book him for the 4 th foul not counting that 5-6 diff players have had a go at him. My impression is he has more fouls committed on him than by him. More bookings against him than against his opponents that foul him. Hes the most fouled player I remember since Cooper. Also I like a player that will look after himself. Our older fans will remember wee Bud Johnston. I think if any of us are geeky enough to have these stats it’s good to have them out there to change the narrative.
  3. 100% this. All blue strip. Derrys walls to the tune of Amazing Grace. Parma game for best footballing lesson
  4. Worral v their new CB. Will either start on Sunday. Does joe strengthen us more than theirs strengthens them? will either be First pics?
  5. A lot were removed. We stayed quiet to try and “fit in”. It was quite unnerving. Plan was if we won to stay after they all left and join in singing with rest of support. Unfortunately didn’t happen
  6. Does it work on iPhone!!! Via Rangers tv if u have subscription
  7. Younger bears have to remember these games weren’t on TV. If you didn’t go you didn’t see it.
  8. Rangers/celtic select v Scotland! in same theme was around age 16 around 1975ish. Select game v Scotland. Can’t remember why it was on. Both sets of fans in Rangers end. Was their a fence down the middle back then. My only memory was getting thrown out for standing on pals shoulders shouting some inappropriate abuse at them. My pal thought I’d been arrested and was worried bout telling my mum. However managed to skip back in! Anyone else remember this?
  9. Haha. It’s funny how people always say this. Was around 1990ish. Can’t remember exactly. They cudnt sell their tickets. There were over 100 Rangers fans in celtic end. I spoke with Cooney I think. He was v dismissive. I then phoned press about his attitude. There was 4 pages in times about it quoting me and I was disciplined at work over it! Wished it hadn’t happened. Wouldn’t reccomend
  10. It’s not about wanting to be in with them. It’s about being there and following the team. Wouldn’t Reccomended it. Too painful if we lose too ruskybif we win
  11. I bought about 10 tickets for self and colleagues at their ground. Then phoned up their public relations officer( cud it have been Paul cooney) to ask what steps his club wud take to protect us and ensure my safety as no one asked who I supported. He said I was fucking mental and hung up!
  12. Did it once standing at park head just after souness came. They won. Never again! then I got hospitality tickets one new year just behind players wives. Never again! Unless we’re ahead of them for next game away to them of course.
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