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  1. It’s not a fucking spelling bee. It’s a forum. It’s a cheap putdown of the proletariat argument that you can’t spell so you have no voice. It’s like me putting down the Dude because I have more Highers, University Degrees, etc .than he does. Using I’m cleverer than you to win an argument is poor. I’m quite happy that I can be top of the class in spelling. However, it’s a cheap shot used far to often on here.
  2. We both know they are more united in their desperation to destroy us. I agree it’s bollocks they will get a points deduction but I would not be surprised if that is brought in for future offenders! I enjoy our diversity. I have never crossed swords with u before but have observed you can be a pedantic pain in the arse, however you seem to revel in that role and as such are a good foil for the forum. We clearly disagree. However, enjoy the game!
  3. celtic forum = unanimity in demoting us Rangers forum. = some of us defending them after player creates public health crisis involving the first minister. You gotta admire their ability to stick together to damage us. They always have their eye on the prize where we indulge in self harm.
  4. I’ve spelled lots of shit wrong cos it’s a fucking forum and I’m typing on my iPhone using wrong prescription glasses that fog up cos I’m wearing a fucking mask. I note that pedantic nature of u and some others pulling up some people’s spelling. But u use it to demean some posters who don’t have you’re literary bent. I’m quite comfortable with my spelling and grammar. I tend not to proof read cos it’s a fucking forum!!! im quite happy to debate each other’s intellectual prowess.
  5. Talk about straw man. Driving ban! Hundreds of players have had them. 1..Covid is a public health issue I am very aware of from my profession. 2. His behaviour threatens the existence of Scottish clubs.
  6. He can go to Spain and frolic all he wants. Just quarantine for 2 weeks like the rest of us. Just follow government rules. Say another player does the same. And Nicola ends the league. And clubs go bust. And punters lose their season ticket investments. The SPFL will have themselves to blame. They have an opportunity to be tough and they have bottled it. No surprise there
  7. Just a few small steps. We did wrong corporately. And we’re punished and demoted like there was no option I’ll call it vindictive but you may say that’s a straw man They did wrong corporately. Putting the football season and small clubs at risk. And very little will happen to them. Mans here we have you and the dude justifying a lack of severe action against them. For general info I’m pretty moderate. I think we should ditch TBB , sectarian add ons and some of the uvf references. I want a modern inclusive club. I just think bolingoli was not selectable to play due to government rules and the simple solution is to deduct the points for that game.
  8. So you are saying there was a clear EBT = demotion protocol. And the good old SPFL were quite right in punishing us as they did. That the payment which had been made to our players and documented using an at the time legal tax loophole. That the SPFL were right to demote us. You are saying. That we deserved it. That we got what was coming. That justice and truth was served. Go fuck yourself
  9. There was no ebt = demotion protocol. There is no covid breach = points loss. However the latter is entirely predictable. The SPFL should have anticipated and make punishment clear. As however they didn’t they can still create a precedent due to the seriousness of the incident. Incidentally. Bolingoli and the spfl are I think the main culprits. If a team lost points I would have sympathy with them as indeed I had with legia. The game should be won on the field. The SPFL make things up as they go along. Still no guidelines as what happens if this season finishes early. Bolingoli breach = greatest threat to future of dozens of football clubs. SPFL. Make an example.
  10. Yes. But this breach was predictable. The SPFL has no problem in demoting us despite no “ sepecific rule”
  11. It’s to do with corporate clinical governance. The employer has vicarious responsibility for actions of employees. I think piper alpha was part of case law around this. Also Glasgow bin lorry. In both instances the corporate group is held responsible. What training ,steps and advice did the give bolingoli. How is this documented. How was it monitored. How often did they check compliance. Did they audit it. Did they record their monitoring contemporaneously They had 2 players breach protocol so one imagines they haven’t been corporately sufficient. They played a player who they shouldn’t have played and drew 1-1. He endangered his colleagues and the infrastructure of Scottish football. I’m suggesting they lose a point Legia played a player for 3 mins. Had a 6-1 aggregate win overturned for 3 minutes. They got kicked out a tournament. You quoted high profile breaches in other countries. Did players attend a quarantined country then play!!
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