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  1. Thornliebanktrueblue

    Unpopular Opinions When It Comes To Rangers?

    When I started taking my son I realised I didn't want to Hear swearing never mind the traditional songbook.
  2. Thornliebanktrueblue

    Overall signings impressions do far

    Arfield does underwhelm me but I hope he proves me wrong. Lots of patient and optimistic Bears today. 👍 Im normally a wild optimist !
  3. Thornliebanktrueblue

    Overall signings impressions do far

    Fact is incorrect word choice. Substitute "impression" im surprised we manage to tempt players with a pedigree like alves previously where I would suggest that Gerrard has a higher standing in world football than those from before. Flanagan underwhelms me and sadiqs goal rate underwhelms me as a striker. Goldson I'm kinda ok with but recent heart surgery!!! I don't think any of us are genuinely excited by these players individually.
  4. Thornliebanktrueblue

    Overall signings impressions do far

    I was very excited when Gerrard was appointed on the basis of his contacts, winning mentality and the fact he wouldn't have come without some significant financial guarantees re signings. So far there is no one that we have been in for that has either the pedigree or potential I had hoped for. E.g. Krancar, Alves, Morelos, Barton all looked like they might have something about them. I know they didn't work out except perhaps Morelos. I'm underwhelmed so far and surprised that Gerrard took the gig if this was where he'd be shopping. I worry he is underestimating the task.
  5. Thornliebanktrueblue

    Rainbow flick

    1. Our player was slagged off by Scottish media for being disrespectful 2. Neymar was lauded.
  6. Thornliebanktrueblue

    Rainbow flick

    Good to see Neymar emulating our own Oduwa down the right wing. No mention of disrespecting from the worlds media. Anyone able to post both video clips to compare.
  7. Thornliebanktrueblue

    Out?: James Tavernier

    His attacking and crossing are excellent and he makes great runs into box. He gets no cover cos centre defence is poor. His shooting 2 years ago was best since Albertz. Hes probably my favourite player.
  8. Thornliebanktrueblue

    Out?: James Tavernier

    I like Tav !
  9. Thornliebanktrueblue

    SFA Director to step down

    Is no one else worried about this. My reading is that he was asked to go so that the SFA can continue to pursue us in relation to the European License issue and that it would be difficult for them to do that with him in post. With him gone it will be easier for them them to pursue us. Your not paranoid when the ARE out to get you!
  10. Thornliebanktrueblue

    Oh oh oh itss magic you know

    We sang the tune first on way to 9 iar. The pilot song.
  11. Thornliebanktrueblue

    Derek Johnstone: I'm delighted to be back as Ibrox Ambassador

    Cunts like DJ the guys a fucking prick Wouldn't acknowledge him in the street Balloons like DJ KAI you are obviously a high poster here and passionate about the club. I've met DJ several times and contrary to comments about brightness I've found him to be witty pleasant company. My post was about us idealising ex players. Anyone working in the media has to try and walk a middle ground otherwise they become not credible. Since we have been on the back foot is easy to make someone like him the whipping boy. Ex players of all clubs use the media to make a living. People like Sutton nowadays trade on drama but it wasn't always thus. I love your passion for the club and wonder if you remember him playing like I do. Out of all the players of his generation no one, not one, is sticking up for him more than him. Like you I wish he and others would do more. I really do. The media role is a bit of a poisoned chalice but the man is earling a living. KAI ( is that johannsen sp) I luv ur passion but I just feel if as a support we were more corporate and did not alienate every ex player we would be an even better club B
  12. Thornliebanktrueblue

    Derek Johnstone: I'm delighted to be back as Ibrox Ambassador

    16 yo Scottish cup final goal. Went awol to with Jock 1972 winner. Big Derek is a Rangers Legend. In his media role he tried to be impartial. We have become so adept at criticising our own. We want our ledgends to mythological gods. Big Derek. Legend in my eyes. Welcome back to where you belong.
  13. Thornliebanktrueblue

    What is Mark Allen’s role?

    What has not inspired me about Allen is his ability ( so far) to unearth a gem. Many of our signings have been players who support the club. I want us to chase young excellence who we can develop. I think England is wayyyyy overpriced. However what we can sell to young foreign players is a platform to develop themselves to play and then move on a view years to an english club similar to van dyke. I find our current preoccupation with English market and Rangers supporters rather uninspiring
  14. Thornliebanktrueblue

    Derek Parlane & Sammy King

    Just us old yins 😉
  15. Thornliebanktrueblue

    Derek Parlane & Sammy King

    All blue strip and no surrender to tune of amazing grace. IMP the best ever rendition of any song. Goose bumps