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  1. Happy new year. Thoughts for the 66.
  2. Is a homage to his hip hop group. Smiff n wessum. No case here. Happy new year all
  3. McGregor is a great keeper. He is also completely irresponsible and therefore not a leader. He couldn’t shout more than he already does. He has trouble controlling himself. !!
  4. Not our right back. A more creative goal scoring attacking midfielder and another striker with a physical presence but we play similar against celtic again and we win.
  5. Tears. Yassss. Let’s make Andy Halliday captain. He’s a bear. Tavs our captain!!!
  6. Let’s change the penalty taker. Ohhhh that worked. Lets change the captain,..... we do make players scapegoats don’t we.
  7. Tav. Davis is quiet. Tav. Tav. Tav. Tav. Tav.
  8. As a whole ( it’s a team game) we were outstanding and dominated the game. Tav is a defender. They had not a single onside shot on target. We had two disallowed pens. They’re pen save ... keeper was off line. Sometimes in football you lose games u shud have won. That’s how it works. But our performance was outstanding. Bad points Morelos missed a pen. But he won three and had more shots o target than their whole team. Their keeper was man of the match. We play like that against them again and we win.
  9. Shut the fuck up. Didn’t get a ticket. Just support the fucking team.
  10. On the contrary. Perhaps the Best I’ve felt after losing a final. Why? because we dominated them and we were better than them in every position. We haven’t done that for a long time. Rhe players know they have it in them. I don’t feel good. But I am hopeful. If we were shit and got beat I’d be worried but we weren’t.
  11. We got beat in a game we dominated. It’s the nature of the game. I’ve watched over 100 games against celtic we have never had so much of the game and lost. We created chances We restricted them to not a single onside shot on target. we were beat by an offside goal We support Rangers evermore. We’re loyal. We follow follow. It’s in the nature of a Rangers Supporter Now you go fuck yourself you part time glory hunter.
  12. Fuck off the lot of u. Support or captain. Support our team.
  13. Just fuck off. Part time glory hunter. Team played well today. Serial losers. You’re a loser so go fuck urself if I can’t see the regress or the performance.
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