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  1. Thanks @Zetland, @Lothianbear is already over there. I couldn't risk going early I'd be pished by now. I'm just getting sorted and I'll be leaving about 5:30 a.m to get the 7:00 a.m ferry. Still time to donate if anyone is feeling flush. Every little helps.
  2. Well I posted way back in this thread that I saw someone getting put in a cop van after the game. Don't know if it was related to the incident with the UB or not. Like i said earlier, they had him behind the blue gates at the Broomloan until the van turned up. Two cops had him in cuffs and another walking along side.
  3. One or two others said the same. I think both events are this weekend because of the international break.
  4. Brilliant, another fantastic gesture. Thank you
  5. Thanks mate much appreciated.
  6. I hope the snow's away before Saturday.
  7. CD7 back row
  8. I'm 55 and I manage the Club Deck stairs every other week. I'm also doing this LINK on Saturday, 55 mile cycle round Arran for Rangers charity foundation. I was kinda hoping for a hat trick of 55's this year but unfortunately the last one is now out of reach.
  9. I'm the playmaker No 10. That must be my playing instructions on the high-vis!
  10. Did you get your number etc in yesterday? I'm not so sure about that high vis thing they want us to wear!
  11. You should come in and watch a game some time.
  12. You better hope for some added time then. I think the 90 mins will already be booked out for the next game.
  13. What's your problem, don't you believe me?
  14. I saw a guy getting lifted after the game. They held him behind the blue gates at the Broomloan until a van game round to pick him up.
  15. Thanks. I'll try and get some pics and post them next weekend