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  1. The ibrox crowd

    No it's our team that make Ibrox a very easy place for the opposition teams! I think I spotted the St Johnstone keeper smoking a cigar at one point yesterday!
  2. Bruno Alves

    He set up their first goal with that stupid half ass attempt at a header!
  3. Ross McCrorie

    He still makes a few silly mistakes that Wilson would get slated for. Just because he tries hard and puts in a few crunching tackles doesn't make him a world class player. He has the makings of a top player but he's far from the finished article at the moment!
  4. Club Statement

    So no manager in place = no new players in the January window!
  5. Templeton - please clarify

    Maybe Rossiter should go and see that specialist!
  6. Rangers / Motherwell lack of tickets

    This is what you get from the back row of the club deck!
  7. Barry Ferguson coming back to Ibrox

    Please no!!
  8. Rangers fan pic from last night

    I'm completely blurred out! That's probably not a bad thing
  9. The sheep double header

    Will we even be able to field a team on Wednesday, is that not the players day off? Seriously though, we are shite, Aberdeen are shite, everybody is shite in this fucking league! We could end up with no points or six points, it just depends on the degree of shitiness over the two games!
  10. Murty Press Conference

    He's a taig
  11. Morelos missed chances Yesterday.

    And the first one wasn't?
  12. Poppy Scotland

    I think they are sold out now.
  13. Poppy Scotland

    It was working fine. But I think they might have sold out again. This is all I can find on the site now https://www.poppyscotlandstore.com/poppyscotland-home-gifts/poppyscotland-charity-pin-badges.html?cat=155
  14. Poppy Scotland

    here is the link EDIT: The link isn't working anymore. I think the pin badges have sold out again.
  15. ST Sale

    Even if you sell it now. It will still be in your name and you will be able to renew next year as normal. Don't sell it to someone that could cause trouble or you might end up having your door kicked in at 5 in the morning by Scotlands finest.