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  1. Lost ticket

    That wouldn't work. Posted tickets have to be signed for hence the £7.50 special delivery
  2. Ticket office queue now

    I see tickets are now on general sale. Ticket office is gonna get very busy! https://www.Rangers.talent-sport.co.uk/PagesPublic/ProductBrowse/productAway.aspx
  3. How many goals did John Greig score for us?

    It certainly looks that way. I remember that goal as if it was yesterday, but my recollection of the game has obviously been scrambled over the years
  4. Wee Spot in Europe

    Credit #BLUEDIGNITY with this one Well there's a wee spot in Europe, Its a place of great fame, and it lies to the north land, and Ulster's its name. It is only six counties, but oh what renowned, For its emblem is the Red Hand, Topped by the Queen's crown. The Germans they came over In the year '41 And they tried to destroy us, By their bomb, by their guns. But history could have told them, Of the others who tried, How the sons defended Ulster, How they fought and how they died. Now if a f****n should ask you, In his own rebel tongue, They will speak of their friendship, Why can't we be one. Just you point to the Red Hand, Topped by the Queen's crown, Say you're side by side with Scotland They won't let us down. So now brother's and sisters, We will all join as one. We will toast to our Ulster Her heroes and sons, And while we are toasting, There's two names we must join, That of William, Prince of Orange, and the Banks of the Boyne. That of William, Prince of Orange, and the Banks of the Boyne.
  5. How many goals did John Greig score for us?

    I'm sure that was a league game and I think we won about 4-0. I was at the game but my memory could be playing tricks
  6. Ally Scott

    He wanted to play in defence. That would say to me he didn't have the right attitude to continue at the same level up front.
  7. Ticket office queue now

    I picked mine up about half 4 yesterday. Only had to wait a couple of minutes.
  8. Ally Scott

    Seem to remember he spent a lot of time on his arse. He wasn't a fans favourite to say the least.
  9. Butcher

    I think all those headed footballs from his past are taking their toll on his brain.
  10. News on Alves

    Who gives a fuck that it's Ronaldos medic. We have some of the best specialists available here that could easily treat Alves. It's just an excuse for a wee jolly to Spain.
  11. Rangers hugging beggars

    Our players should never regard them as equals. Even in defeat they should be regarded as pieces of shit you would wipe off your shoe!
  12. Rangers hugging beggars

    Aw fuck. Seeing that written down is just depressing. A perfect summation of where we are.
  13. Betting against Rangers?

    Don't bet on us, don't bet against us.
  14. Have a giggle at Aberdeen thread

    Where did I attack you? I just don't think Aberdeen deserve a thread in the Bears Den. Will you start a thread every time they lose a game? If so, I think you might be quite busy this season. Aberdeen are insignificant!
  15. Have a giggle at Aberdeen thread

    Why don't you start a thread on it?