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  1. That's like saying when the death penalty was abolished everyone that had been hanged should be brought back to life.
  2. I got an email from Rangers confirming what options I've selected on CCCS.
  3. You should be able to pick up a paper copy at the ticket office
  4. Ipswich fans are saying similar after signing Garner from the world's most successful football club!
  5. I'll be there CCCS. I wonder how long season ticket holders not on CCCS will have to buy their seat before the general sale?
  6. Yip it's only a friendly, but did Pedro not say after the last friendly "the result is important in EVERY game"?
  7. Great signing. This guy knows were the goal is. Welcome to Rangers Nicky Clark! Oops sorry, I meant Alfredo Morelos
  8. Absolutely. You can't beat the feel good factor of being part of the Erskine fund family.
  9. You could try emailing the photo to yourself and you will receive it in a smaller size. Not very technical, but I tried it for something else and it worked
  10. Halliday saying it was a bonus for the club to get back into Europe! Was it fuck, it was an absolute necessity!
  11. Womans football really is dross. Do woman footballers shout "man on"? I'm talking about during the game before anyone asks!
  12. It's £20 per season. It doesn't necessary get you in a ballot. If tickets are limited and you don't have enough points you won't even get in the ballot
  13. £20 as a one off fee and that's you in for life might be OK. But £20 just for the possibility of getting a ticket seems a bit much. We might only have one Euro away game next season.
  14. He could have gone up in the lift Edit; Just read through the thread and I see this has already been mentioned.
  15. I wouldn't charge season ticket holders, I would make it an option on CCCS. I would also open it up to non season ticket holders and charge them £20 to join