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  1. Still a bit risky mate. The club might try and fit in a tour of Japan around then.
  2. Where's Matt Crooks? Don't see him on the list.
  3. Are you from Cumnock?
  4. I can
  5. Strange decision not to have a minutes silence. In fact given the fact we had a load of injuries that our players and staff would be traumatised by the sudden death of Ugo we could have asked for a postponement.................................... You know the story
  6. Simply put. "Mummy! Daddy shouted at me and I don't like it. Tell him to be nice".
  7. You would get four together in the Club Deck, apart from that you might struggle.
  8. What's shite about the Copland rear? Anyway, you will get a new seat because you'll get first dibs before they go on general sale.
  9. So Brenda has no complaints about the red card, but they will appeal it anyway. Surely that in itself is bringing the game into disrepute?
  10. I don't think Sa Coma had any pubs when I was there, but that was about 30 years ago
  11. He's Ok and I really hope he improves, but at the moment I think he's a poor mans Kirk Broadfoot.
  12. No idea
  13. My phone signal is fine, internet is pretty much non existent. I make a point of not checking my phone during the game now. I missed a goal a while back and that pissed me off.
  14. What age are you mate? I'm guessing 20-23, only because that's the type of stupid thing my boy would do. It's never his fault either. I sympathise with your predicament, but I think you're a bit quick accusing someone of stealing it. If you did drop it and noticed after 20 seconds it could still have been hundreds of yards away. It was blowing a gale after the game.