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  1. You weren't on CCCS then. Everyone on CCCS got a ticket for that semi and the final.
  2. Beards should be banned, especially those long fuckers!
  3. I thought Tennents were cans that were pre-filled with pish.
  4. So your "to do" list includes getting arrested at a football match. Why would you want to get arrested? You've got me curious now, what else have you got on that list?
  5. Yip, but that once was a huge one.
  6. I wondered why the wee hash tag thing didn't highlight when I put it in. Sorry Thomas
  7. I thought #Tom Muller's answer and opinion summed it up perfectly. But of course that's just my opinion.
  8. I got it
  9. It takes a wee loop around Barrowfield before heading of towards Cambuslang
  10. I thought it did
  11. We hit the crossbar three times, I was waiting for someone to use that as an excuse (it Isn't)! As for the second part. We haven't been on their backs, but by fuck if this shite continues we will and should be.
  12. I'm guessing you read "fuck the pope" in another reply and were just thinking about Dundee, Hamilton.....................................
  13. Really interesting read.
  14. Really? I thought we were rank rotten last night especially second half.