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  1. Rfcni

    Many thanks

    Thanks to @Siwel and @scottyc06 for sorting me out for tickets for the st Johnstone game 👍 after paying @HereFor55 for tickets and unfortunately never seeing them .
  2. Any one have any decent links to watch ? Thanks
  3. Can’t wait for Sunday now ....feeling confident..bring it on ?⚪️?
  4. Rfcni


    Really dissapointed in him so far...but like many posters..there is something about him...needs to get the finger out soon though.!! I think we should give him until Christmas and re access then.
  5. So disappointed yesterday..granted our players aren't just as techinally skilled as we would like..but the lack Heart and fight showing was shocking.!..so many players don't deserve to be involved in an old firm game. Other than Wes, tav, miller and bates...could come out with any creditability.
  6. Cmon the teddys.!! Buzzing for this...really feel were due to turn them over...another Aberdeen performance would be just perfect.!!????
  7. I can understand what people are saying reference Hodson and defending...but I do feel that tav offers so much more going forward. I actually think there is a good balance of the team if Hodson plays right back and tav right midfield..think is has worked well the couple of times it has been tried this season.
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