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  1. BailliestonTB

    Did the 'journey' finally end yesterday?

    55 ends the journey.
  2. BailliestonTB

    Fuck the sfa

    It's true seen the video just don't know how to get it on here
  3. BailliestonTB

    Fuck the sfa

    Anybody got the video going around of Ferguson, mculloch & durrant where Barry says fuck the sfa ?
  4. BailliestonTB

    We’re on our way

    I don't care
  5. BailliestonTB

    The Atmosphere

    Hats off to the Vienna fans they were good start to finish. After our second goal place was rockin... What a fuckin result
  6. Fuckin buzzin. The place should be rockin tonight
  7. Still not a sell out shocked at that
  8. BailliestonTB

    Calm the fuck doon.

    Fuck sake ????
  9. BailliestonTB


    Is 2m the what was agreed ? Or are you's just assuming ?
  10. BailliestonTB


    Fingers crossed
  11. BailliestonTB


    Very good
  12. BailliestonTB


    Is he fit ??
  13. BailliestonTB

    Ayr’s Shankland

    Played 31 times for Ayr scored 28. Rangers fan aswell stays up the road from me. would be a decent back up option imo.
  14. BailliestonTB


    This. He absolutely pish, aye he's a Rangers fan that doesn't mean he's good enough to play for us. Don't know what game people we're watching tonight but personally thought he was rotten. Dont understand why we sold Declan John when he's clearly leagues ahead of AH.