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Connor Lyon (Aviemore)

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Absolute scumbag

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Amazed this has taken so long reading about his behaviour on here.

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On 21/10/2017 at 11:04, K.A.I said:

I know there’s mentions of him in a couple of threads in the ticket section complete with stories but after his latest stunt which is taking over a grand off Rangers fans for Hearts tickets that don’t appear to exist then deleting his Twitter etc I think it’s important to raise awareness further of this rat and for people to be extra vigilant if he dares resurfaces.

as far as I’m aware he doesn’t have an active account on here unless he’s a lurker.

obviously if admin don’t deem this Bears Den worthy they can delete but everyone should be aware imo as he’s notorious for ticket stunts through the last 5 or 6 years.

Why can't bears track him down and give him a hiding 

I hate scanning for money 

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On 21/10/2017 at 12:07, Sportingintegritymyarse said:

Its not just the money which is bad enough. Its folk thinking they're going to get to big games (including cup finals and OF games) really looking forward to it before having it all fucked deliberately as part of his scam.

Absolute scummy behaviour and I hope karma is painful for this piece of shit.

It's all the rage 

this cunt is small potatoes .

I was scammed today at the GP in Budapest .I should know better 

Tickets still for sale 30mins before race 80 Euros 

Muggins paid 120 pounds for a basic pass  online day before when it was announced a sell out 

I met the Polish scammers and told then I wasn't happy .

So I changed my top ,put the shades on and stood beside the cunts for 30minutes 

They were doing the same to other unsuspecting punters 

The online site is a fucking rip off and I urge all bears not to buy tickets ..No matter what 

At least I warned all the guys like myself not to use them again 

The cunts were sitting in a group counting their profits .It was unbelievable 

When I got inside with my shitey ticket I went straight for the best seats .Slipped the guy 5000 forent .He let me in 

So I ended up getting cheap ticket for best seat .No flies on me ?

It doesn't surprise me it was Polish doing the scam mind 

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