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  1. Know exactly how you feel mate it’s horrible. I genuinely don’t know where we go from here. All I’ve ever known in my 31 years is a successful Rangers team and with a new son coming in 2 weeks and my 4 year old just now it breaks my heart to think that they might not grow up ever knowing what it feels like for us to be successful again. Sickening.
  2. hes had time moon at their dump then we all might as well chuck it. Small club mentality that attitude. if his name wasn’t Steven Gerrard then everyone would be calling for his head.
  3. Plain and simple he needs to go. Doesn’t learn from his mistakes and insistence on playing the same shite tactics week after week is just ridiculous How a world class midfielder in his day can’t see that our 3 in midfield gets overrun every week and is our weakness is just baffling. Morelos and Kent are badly out of form but they need support and service from midfield and it’s just simply not there . we badly need to invest in strong, physical midfielders who won’t take any shite and win the battle. A switch to 451 is what’s needed in this league and we need a manager who isn’t sca
  4. Must have been the separate entity brigade. Scumbags every single one of them
  5. Going to London next weekend and looking to get tickets for any game down there. Does anyone know how you go about it ? All the club websites say you need a membership to get them but the deadline has passed. Cheers
  6. one of those games that’s impossible to look good in. A win and through to the next round that’s all that matters. Thought Cardoso looked decent bringing the ball out from defence would like to see him given another run in the team. 3 great finishes from windass. Hodson and Halliday should have their contracts ripped up and left up there absymal players
  7. He was released from his wwe contract mate apparently abusive behaviour or something
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