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  1. Don’t know what Morelos offers us now. He’s got to score that chance as any half decent striker would. Hope Gio doesn’t wait too long to change things. We need a bit of pace up front.
  2. Alfie should be nowhere near this team on Thursday. Those cowards who showed up yesterday with blue jerseys on should be busting a gut to come out and redeem themselves, unfortunately I have no trust in them to do so. Young Patterson has been scoring and assisting in International football and should be first pick on Thursday. Again , I’m not confident that he will start. That shambles yesterday has put pressure on Gio already and if Goldstones comments after the game are true then we are in big trouble. Nows the time to show some balls and prove that there is a way back from this clusterfuck. Only a win will do Rangers so let’s see what you’re made of.
  3. He needs benched now, he can’t even do the basics. What amazes me most is that someone at the club has not tackled his amazing loss of fitness. His lifestyle is clearly not conducive to be a top class athlete. He’s as slow as a week in the jail and I’ve never seen another player who mis kicks the ball as much as him in the art of shooting. For me, he’s offering next to nothing at the moment and should be told to shape up or ship out.
  4. I think GVB is the best bet to take us forward. He will be professional in everything he does and had a decent record in Holland. Remember that winning the league with his team in Holland was like Hearts or Hobson winning the SPL. I hope the board act quickly and get the situation sorted ASAP.
  5. If Gerrard leaves, and I think he probably will, I won’t be throwing a rope over the rafters about it. He has done a job for us and stopping the ten is something he should be remembered for. However, it’s an old cliche but it’s true never the less, no one is bigger than the Rangers. If he leaves he goes with us 4 points clear and with a decent squad. The timing of this is a bit of a bummer but you would hope that there will be a contingency put together. Also because of the international break, it gives us a wee bit of time to sort something out. We’ll know soon enough what the outcome will be, if he’s away then I wish him no harm and as I said earlier I won’t be sticking my head in the oven over it. We constantly say that we’re a massive club, well massive clubs do what’s needed and carry on regardless. The king is dead, long live the king. W.ATP.
  6. I don’t get the switching off after we scored the fourth goal. We were playing well at that point and should have kept the foot down. Happy enough with the result, but I do wish we would keep going when in these positions.
  7. Please just win Rangers. And as a bonus, it would be good if I didn’t have to watch the last half hour from behind the couch. 😂😂
  8. This. I said to my son at 55 minutes that he needed to take Hagi off and bring a bit of pace on to play the ball over the top at times. He then brings Arfield on for Lundstrum which had me baffled. Apart from the soft penalty, Aberdeen were cruising when e should have been pounding them looking for a winner. It’s a worry that we can’t seem to muster up a bit of momentum when the games so important. Very disappointing.
  9. The plain truth of the matter is that we’re missing an in form Ryan Kent. He’s the only player we have who can really make something out of nothing and he has real pace. At the moment we’re a hard watch and the tactics are simply not working. Teams have sussed us out and we’re incredibly slow and ponderous. Thank fuck the Tarriers started the season so shite, or we’d be ell behind them. It’s time for the management and players to get their finger out before it’s too late. I’ve been saying since August that it’s ok because we would hit form soon, I’m not so sure now.
  10. This has been an unbelievably sad day to be a Ranger. Watching and listening to the tributes coming in has made the tears flow and flow. Walter was truly a remarkable man, who like the rest of us loved the Rangers. When he was in charge he looked after the club the way we would have done and that’s what made him so special to the fans. He was one of us and he never forgot that. I’m sure the club will do something special to honour his life and service to Rangers and he will live on in the memories of everyone connected to the club. Condolences to his wife and family at this difficult time. R.I.P. Walter, you will never be forgotten.
  11. I can’t believe we have fucked that. Should have been 4 in front but yet again our centre forward has missed at least 2 absolute sitters as well as 3 decent chances. I don’t know what’s happened to Alfie, but he needs dropped now. I thought e played some decent stuff but you could see their goal coming for the last 15 minutes. The subs were baffling to say the least, Alfie was looking at the bench expecting to come off and no fucking wonder. I keep waiting on us getting into that next gear and at times today we looked like we were finally starting to click. However, when you don’t kill a game off then you deserve all you get. Fucking sitting here seething but no doubt I’ll calm don later. I still think we’re the best team in the league, but we’ve got to start proving it.
  12. The Tarriers v Aberdeen yesterday was like watching 2 old punch drunk boxers sparring with each other. It was fucking awful and if that’s Angeball they can fucking keep it. That was a worse performance than any that Lennons team put together last season. Easily the worst Tim team since the 90s. If we can move up another gear, it’ll be all over by xmas, unless Hearts can keep a challenge going. 😂😂
  13. The Tarriers have went into absolute meltdown about the referees. Bobby Madden and Nick Walsh are getting it stinking about their performance yesterday. I knew it would only be a matter of time before the blame was shifted from Big Ange and his hopeless team to the Masonic officials. You can read the fuckers like a book. GIRFUY ya useless bastards.
  14. Sakala definitely has his limitations, however he runs himself into the ground and did some decent things last night. Roofe, on the other hand was an empty jersey, and Alfie at times looks totally disinterested. We need to get our finger out and soon but I don’t think we should be pooing our pants because Hibs are visiting.
  15. I have been waiting all season after almost every game to hear him say, it just wasn’t good enough. I can’t understand why he isn’t being honest because either he’s lying, or he genuinely believes what he’s saying. Both scenarios are equally worrying. I get that he doesn’t want to keep throwing players under the bus publicly, but at some stage he has to give a post match interview where if it’s been shite, he owns it. Just to be clear, I still thing Gerrard is the right man for the job but I’m worried that it’s all getting a bit stale. I’m hoping that a few decent displays will get everyone going in the same direction. I cheered myself up by watching the Tarriers getting pumped, so that’s a small positive I’m taking from tonight. If we win the back to backs against Brondby, we’re back in it, if we don’t,we’re fucked.
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