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  1. Seen people tonight describing Lyon as an average side. I don’t think they got out of second gear and in my opinion would win our league by a fair margin. They’re better than average and it’s no disgrace to be beaten by them. That said, we are not at the levels we were last season when I think we’d have given them a better game. I’m not too despondent though, I think we’ll get out of the group as our battles will be with the other 2 teams. We’ll hit decent form at some point in the league and I think we’ll have enough to win it. It won’t be the skoosh it was last season though.
  2. This guy has totally nailed it. Dont dig up shit if you don’t want it fired back at you. I found myself laughing out loud as he was describing the hypocrisy of it all. Had never heard of him before, but will look out for his stuff now. The more you think about it the the more you realise how fucking stupid the record was for allowing that story to ever be printed. GIRFUT.
  3. This is exactly why the problem will continue to blight the country. Until all factions accept responsibility for their actions, or their fans actions, then nothing will change. There’s no point in continually blaming the big bad proddies, because that is to turn a blind eye to what your own are doing. They argue that dirty orange bastard isn’t sectarian but want people arrested for calling someone a soap dodgers. Where the fuck is the logic there. They also see nothing wrong with glorifying a terrorist group that murdered literally thousands of people. I myself am not really offended by anything they sing, but to have a level playing field, people like Mr Devine should accept that singing such songs will offend and upset millions of people. Especially folk who lost loved ones and friends to the murdering bastards. They may not want to own the shame of it, but in broad terms celtic and the majority of their fans are pro Catholic and Anti Protestant. Until everyone accepts that blatant truth, the status quo will remain. So Mr Devine and friends, please try to see the full picture and don’t throw stones if your own house has hundreds of windows.
  4. That’s actually quite a sinister piece from Miss Haggerty. She is asking what people are going to do about the OO parades and almost inciting them into taking to the streets to oppose them. Also the meetings that she talks about will no doubt be shit stirring and whipping folk into a frenzy. She and her ilk are needing to be watched closely. What I can never understand is why there isn’t a bigger outcry when Republican Parades eulogising the ira barely raise a mention in the MSM in this country. An Organisation that literally murdered thousands of people and she’s on greeting about the Orange Order. I have said in previous posts that I am totally opposed to Racism, and Sectarianism, but it’s becoming a one way Street when it’s just the bad Proddies who are to blame for everything. Until all factions take responsibility for their actions nothing will ever change. Finally, because I’m proud to be from the P.U.L. Community , it doesn’t automatically mean that I’m Anti Irish or Anti Catholic.
  5. That’s got to be the worst I’ve ever watched. What the fuck has happened to us. Very worrying because most of them don’t look like they give a fuck. Embarrassing display, absolutely shite. Fucking waken up Rangers before it’s too late.
  6. I’m not going to start filling my boxers until we know more about it. Unless we’re totally devastated by COVID we’ve still got enough in the tank to win both these games. Alashkert are fuckin rotten and the Tarriers aren’t exactly Brazil 1970 ffs.
  7. The biggest single episode of racism in Scottish sport, took place on Jan 2nd 1988. It was at the home of the bastions of morality and FairPlay, celtic Fc. There has never been anything close to matching it yet it is rarely mentioned when this topic is discussed. Prior to that in the 70s , racism was rife on popular TV programms etc. I don’t mention the Mark Walters incident purely to score points or engage in Whataboutery, it just to highlight how common it was back in the day. Nowadays this type of incident would never be allowed, which shows how differently racism is treated today. Therefore old Shug was talking shite. As a man who’s now in his 70s I would say that the behaviour of fans back in the day was much worse than it is now, but on the other hand I think the hatred between the supporters is much worse. I am totally against all forms of discrimination including racism, but I also feel that Rangers are seen as an easy target too often. Until all the clubs accept ownership and responsibility for the actions of their fans. I don’t think it will improve any time soon.
  8. It’s difficult to make a case for these guys, especially the fucking rocket who put it on social media. We need to be much more savvy. Drink has obviously played a big part and some poor bastard will probably lose their job tomorrow. Having said all that we can’t be up in arms about Kamala and then condone this shit.
  9. I don’t think he’s used to a team who will have most of the ball. I’m giving him the benefit of the doubt at the moment but he needs to up his game a lot. I’m hoping he’s not one of these wasters who come up from England and think they’re going to stroll about In a wee diddy league. The jury’s out John.
  10. Just my opinion my friend. I wasn’t actually counting the keeper in my assessment so I’ll agree with you there. I thought Joe Aribo was blowing out of his arse after half an hour. For me Davis was the most industrious player we had , which is fucking ridiculous given his age. He didn’t have a great game but I thought he was the best outfielder we had. Again, as I say, just my opinion.
  11. We got what we deserved, fuck all. Very poor performance with only Davis getting pass marks from me. Not panicking just yet but we need to fucking waken up quickly.
  12. The best in my near 70 years, bar none.
  13. If any of you are tiring of ripping the pish out of any Tarriers you know, just remind yourself of that wee bastard Griffiths tying a scarf round our goalpost, or of the hard man Broony, mocking our fans at the Glitterdome. I guarantee you’ll be re energised to give them both fucking barrels again.
  14. Beaten by the better team over the 2 legs. Not too disappointed but a bit sad that we went out with a bit of a whimper. It was all about the league for me this season and we could still do the double. Onwards and upwards as they say, we’ve punched above our weight all season . Beat the Tarriers on Sunday and it’s happy days again.
  15. When we beat Hibs at the end of January. I said to my son that if we went through January unbeaten we would win the league.
  16. I don’t ever want the Tarrier bastards to win, so hopefully they get pumped. Either way, the bears are having a party.
  17. What a great time to be a bluenose. It’s brilliant for old guys like me, but I’m especially pleased for our younger fans who probably haven’t been lucky enough to see us winning anything. Although I’ve saw many great Rangers teams and many trophies lifted, for me this tops the lot. We’ve been kicked from pillar to post for the last 10 years and been ridiculed mocked by nearly every other club in Scotland. So, fuck the lot of you. We told you we’d be back and we are. We’ll get stronger and stronger and I hope you all enjoyed the banter years because we’re having the last laugh you shower of bastards. WATP and don’t fuckin forget it.
  18. Steven Gerrard will now be named in the same breath as Walter Smith, Jock Wallace and Willie Waddell. For me that says it all. What he has achieved here in 3 years is unbelievable considering the state we were in when he arrived. The guy is a winner and has surrounded himself with other winners. The bond between the coaching staff and players is there for all to see and the unity between the players themselves hasn’t been seen since our 9 in a row teams in my opinion. He may think he knows what’s going to happen when we win it , but he’s going to be in for a big surprise. We’ve waited on this for so long and by fuck we’re gonna let the world know all about it. Strap yourself in for the ride Stevie, it’s gonna be monumental.
  19. I haven’t seen a group so united since Walter left. Stevie Gerrard deserves an enormous amount of praise for instilling that amount of camaraderie in the squad. The celebrations when Alfie scored reminded me of Rugby Park in 2011 the day we clinched the title. This team have given their all this season and they will be immortalised as the squad who brought home 55 and stopped the Tarriers in their tracks. I saw my first title win at Easter Road in 1975 , and all the ones since. But for me this will be the greatest one ever. We’ve dragged ourselves up by our bootlaces to claim our rightful place as the Kings of Scotland. Even in the darkest times I was proud to be a Ranger, but never as proud as I am now.
  20. Referee was a fucking joke. 2 stonewall penalties and neither him or his assistants see a thing. I don’t give a fuck about the performance on that shite heap tonight was all about the result. We deserved to win the game and Livingston just constantly fouled and pulled jerseys. Fuck them, 4 points to go and it’s party time. Beyond my wildest dreams how this season has went. We really are the people.
  21. It seems that everybody who is a good servant to Rangers over the years gets a “he should have a statue outside the ground” nomination at some point. If this happened we would have rows of them ringing the ground. Statues should be limited to people who are absolute game changers. The one we currently have is for the man voted The Greatest Ever Ranger and John Greig MBE undoubtedly deserves it. In my opinion the other person who falls into this very limited and unique position is Dave King. I don’t think any of us realise yet what he has sacrificed for his love of Rangers. What we saw at that AGM was an honest and emotional goodbye from a guy who gave his all and more to put us back where we belong. If anyone thinks he was acting then he is in the wrong profession because that would be Oscar winning material. I watched that on the day with a lump in my throat and a guilty feeling because I was among the many who had doubts about his motives for taking over the club. So, in my opinion , if another statue is to be unveiled out side our great Stadium,then it should be none other than Mr King. God bless him.
  22. I think we have a 50/50 chance so I’m happy enough with that. I genuinely can’t believe how far we’ve came this season and I don’t want it to end. Credit must go to everyone who is involved with our great club, however, there must be a special mention to the fans. We’ve been through an absolute nightmare for the past 10 years but I can’t remember the team bus being attacked or the police having to dodge barriers in the car park. Steven Gerrard and his back room team and most of the players may think they know what’s coming when we finally clinch the league. However, they’re in for a shock because they will never have seen anything like it. There will be celebrations all over the world and I’ll be doing my wee bit with my neighbours to be part of it. I’ve been a proud Ranger for most of my nearly 70 years, but I’ve never had a better feeling than this. We should fear no foe at the moment and will definitely have a good chance against Slavia. Bring it on.
  23. There’s absolutely no way they will be sacked. That would not only be probably illegal, but would set a precedent that could prove to be very costly in the future. However, I think the management will come down on them like a ton of bricks. This is all assuming obviously that they have breached the COVID guidelines,although I don’t think the club would be issuing the short statement if there was nothing to it. It boils my piss that these lads don’t seem to think they have to live by the same rules as the rest of us. I know the usual caveats about being young and daft etc will be said, but they are in a very privileged position and have abused it. Also, the Manager is now going to have to answer questions all week about this shite when we have an important Europa tie and a league to win. Imagine the police hadn’t attended and they showed up for training the next day. That was obviously their intention before they were caught and could have fucked the whole season for us. Fucking morons.
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