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  1. I've only ever played Twilight Princess and sometimes I was there for hours at puzzles just thinking wtf??!! The feeling you get when you solve it is superb though.
  2. I only want the limited edition for the remote because I don't have motion plus.
  3. The general consensus is that it's a great game though and probably the best 3D Zelda. The controls can't get any more praise than it's already getting. Everywhere is saying this is the way motion sensing game should be like. The reviewer of Gamespot may have had a bad experience with the game these things can happen but if the general opinion is that the controls are top notch I have no fear.
  4. They gave Infamous 2 on PS3 a 7.5 and it got 9's and 9.5's across the board aswell. They expect too much from games. It's a bit hypocritical of them saying Zelda is just the same formula as other Zelda's when they are giving MW3 an 8.5 which is COD 4 part 5 basically as every Call of Duty game has been the same since 2007. The general consensus is that Skyward Sword is one of the best 3D Zelda's if not the best. I just saw this on Gamespot I don't know whether they have been playing the game wrongly or have just made a mistake in the review. Anyway this is what it says so that may be the probl
  5. He seems to be the only one having problems with the controls. Anywhere else has said the control are as perfect as it will get on the Wii. Surely they all can't be wrong and one guy is right. Maybe he just had a bad luck with it. I had a look through the forum after it and it was mayhem People wanting to kill this guy and you had the Playstation and Xbox fanboys wanting the guy knighted. There was some funny arguments going on at the time but Gamespot's reviews have been poor for the past few years. I mean 8.5 for Twilight Princess now 7.5 for Skyward Sword whilst everywhere else is giving 9
  6. Holy fuck!!!! Gamespot gave it a 7.5 that is incredibly low for a Zelda game
  7. I wish I could buy it on Friday but I'm a little low on the cash front right now and I've got Hamburg to go to in a couple of weeks so that takes priority over Zelda obviously so I'll just wait till christmas as it's only like 4/5 weeks away. Nb about the emulator. I've no played it in a while myself. The last game I was playing was Chrono Trigger on the SNES emulator but that was about 2 months ago. I've no played anything really apart from the rare game of Fifa.
  8. I will be getting one game and one game only this christmas and it will be this without doubt.
  9. I'm gonna play VI on my SNES emulator first then I will will the PS1 games. Plus I also have Chrono Trigger, Chrono Cross and Xenogears to play aswell. All Sqaure Enix RPG's.
  10. I meant to ask did you get the PS emulator up and running???
  11. Only ever played FFVII when I was like 6 at my mates and we were useless so we never got very far and we were more interested in wrestling and football games than anything like that but I'm gonna start playing them as RPG's are my kinda thing nowadays now that I'm older and the Final Fantasy series is apparently the best there is so I shall see if I like them which I probably will if they are as good as people say they are.
  12. Not tried a PS2 emulator yet myself but ePSXe for the PS1 is fantastic.
  13. Hopefully this is not the point the series becomes stale and they change it a little because if it is more of the same it will gradually wear thin.
  14. He was the one with the hysterical laugh aswell you could tell it was a gay laugh whilst all the lassies were giggling like fuck.
  15. Aye it was Hamilton and now that I think about it there was a small group of lassies about 18/19 and their gay pal (you could tell a mile out) giggling and talking shite all the way through the film.
  16. True. The clunge will be top notch. Definitely taking my wellies.
  17. Point proven. It will only be worse at The Inbetweeners. I hope it's an 18 to for a GIRUY to all the wee gimps out there.
  18. Even at the Hangover part II. It was 15 and they were I.D. anyone who looked suspect but it still managed to be full of wee cunts throwing popcorn and in general acting like "wee fannies".
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