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  1. I’m no gloating I take no joy in the fact I was right I was just pointing out that lazio are shite.
  2. I much prefer an empire biscuit to a snowball
  3. I got pelters for saying lazio were shite and they would get a result tonight and I was proved right.
  4. I wouldn’t hold out much hope for Lazio doing anything they are rotten. There’s absolutely a better chance of one of them getting murdered over there than lazio winning.
  5. The mighty Haringey Borough stole Lennon’s masterplan for Thursday yesterday and walked off against Yeovil because the keeper was racially abused. Back to the etch a sketch for Thursday. He’ll be praying the big Israeli right back has got some Jewish ancestry so they can claim anti Semitism instead.
  6. Nothing would surprise me with them after they used a ex players death to get an old firm game cancelled. That wee comment is definitely planting a seed for the Lazio game in the hope that it happens just so they can say they were the first to walk off in face of racism and in turn hope they claim the 3 points for their bravery.
  7. Nothing we didn’t already know but it’s the truth.
  8. Well I know he’s staying in a house in Bothwell the now where every room in the house has cctv because the owners daughter was a junkie and was put in to make sure she got clean so make of that what you will.
  9. There’s absolutely a 110% chance that we’re more likely to be banned than them.
  10. They’ll be many tears from myself as well. Tears of unrivalled joy.
  11. 3 years? Try since we went into administration we hadn’t even finished season 11/12 and they were singing it. They’ve set themselves up for the biggest failure ever if we win the league this season and I for one will never ever let them forget it.
  12. So glad I’m no the only one that has noticed this over time.
  13. I’m pretty sure it’s an automatic 2 match ban mate I could be wrong though.
  14. An absolute horror tackle from Christie and rightly a 2 game ban will follow. The fact he’s showed a dirty side along with his constant diving every game has put him right up there on my most hated list. A dirty wee cheating taig cunt.
  15. With a special mention to St Patrick’s sports academy for teaching him that sort of behaviour is acceptable.
  16. I wonder if he dedicated a chapter to him getting his cock out.
  17. Nothing of note really just speaking some home truths that Alfredo is the man and Eduoard isn’t as good as everybody is saying looks uninterested a lot of the time and doesn’t celebrate his goals. He still said Eduoard is the better player right now but he praised Morelos so that’s a big no no.
  18. Tommy lies Tommy dies Tommy Burns in hell “Frank Cairney has the support of everyone at celtic Football Club to a man"-Tommy Burns
  19. If they were the GFITW it would be an impeccably observed minutes silence but we know they’re not capable of that. There was only a handful of them inside Ibrox last night and they still couldn’t keep their mouths shut.
  20. I heard it’s called being a “freelance journalist” these days.
  21. It’s likely a massive part how many of these so called equality groups float the anti catholic rhetoric but have their tongues snipped when it’s the other way round? fucking all of them. These cunts are relentless with this pish and it’s starting to pay off for them.
  22. As I said before I totally get where you’re coming from and on another day I would probably agree with you because they are a despicable organisation with zero care for anything or anyone but themselves. We’re not them though and even if it’s the emptiest apology in the world we gave at least the effort was there to make it look good. I agree about Robertson though I don’t like the guy and I never have he just comes across as a right knob not sure if it’s because of his track record or I just can’t stand his face probably both 😂
  23. Nothing wrong with condemning his actions but to publicly out one of your own for a stupid comment is a fucking disgrace. Putting himself and his family is real danger whilst 4 years later we still don’t know who hit a fucking 10 year old in the face with a glass bottle because they bastards protect their own to no end.
  24. I totally get where you’re coming from mate but doing that shows our class and dignity something they could only dream of because their board certainly wouldn’t have done the same. Be the bigger man and all that patter.
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