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  1. Well you wouldn’t know if you look at sky live commentary of the game. When the rattlers play its full of superlatives about how brilliant that goal was or that player is unplayable. Look at the commentary for Alfie’s 3rd and 4th. Sky are as bad as the BBC when it comes to biased reporting, the feeds on their games is as if it’s being written by a fan, fuck them too. As for Alfie, best forward since McCoist and will only get better, remember how shit McCoist was when he started out as well, Alfredo will only get better and better, look at how he’s improved since last year.
  2. That really did make me lol 😀, I agree though common sense and facts by the barrowload and the initial post is just outstanding. I’m just absolutely fucking staggered at the manufactured one sided bias that is now dominnating every mhedia outlet, I mean every rattler is reporting that Alfie grabbed Christie, not one cunt has mentioned the stamp that made him flick out and not grab anything and let’s not get started about the one sided biased narrative, it’s a fucking joke. Rangers or club 1872 need to make a statement about this or challenge the slanderous/libellous cunts that are spinni
  3. So the tackle from Porteous was only a yellow card? It was a fucking disgraceful dangerous challenge which merited a straight red card, if it was a Rangers player that made that challenge it would’ve been red, after all we have the worst disciplinary record in this shitty league despite being the dominant team in most games, how the fuck does that work? Its fucking dreadful and no more than cheating, how Whittaker was never carded tonight is a mystery too. So a straight red, stonewall penalty (despite what the boss says and when he sees it again I’m sure he will change his mind) and f
  4. And in other news, Glasgow Rangers are responsible for the hole in the ozone layer, world famine and world terrorism, a spokesman from the sun said ‘they’re pure oranje basturds so they ur’.
  5. Were you trying to be funny? If so, the razor sharp wit went over my head, my apologies. ? Steven Gerrard is making a silk purse out of a sows ear.
  6. And that sums up exactly what you know about, football, Steven Gerrard and man management, the square root of fuck all twice.
  7. He didn’t say today, he said in the last 3 or 4 games, he’s correct.
  8. How stupid is that quote, this is their first year of really down grading and that’s because of no champions league money, we haven’t been able to compete due to the huge financial gap since Scottish football fucked us over and that financial gap is still there. They’ve been coining it in from Europe and to be fair, good transfer deals. Lets not kid ourselves, whilst they’ve sold players for great money, they’ve brought in players with lesser ability but always better than we could afford. We’re between a rock and a hard place financially but each year it gets better. We desperate
  9. Absolutely top drawer mate, well done.
  10. Totally agree mate, never be beaten for me, all the times we’ve pumped the rattlers, 3-2 cup final with lovenkrands etc, can vividly remember that game as if it was yesterday, head was buzzing, could hardly hear leaving the ground, my wee nephew was only 8 and the joy on his face was something else, couldn’t sleep that night, best high I’ve ever felt watching our team.
  11. He was wearing Rossiters boots as we have no money, spookily caused an injury that no one even seen, should be back within 7 to 10 lunar days.
  12. It’s obvious Gerrard has been working with him. His one touch stuff and movement of the ball was very good today, but our whole team is now doing this which is superb, our third goal was brilliant. He’s moving the ball quickly, however, he’s too much of a bomb scare at left back. Whilst he had a good game mid week there were still some dodgy moments. It’s laughable that the muppet pundits today were saying that Kilmarnock would be our biggest test yet this season. Its an example of the bitterness and total disrespect that these cunts in the mhedia have for us that they have the te
  13. Did managers............Step forward Mr Steven Gerrard ? He’s going to do great things and thank fuck he’s with us.
  14. Should maybe change your name to shitehawk or shiteinmyeye. First league game away with 10 men for 80 minutes, 2nd league game at nome with 10 men for 60 minutes, games in Europe and tonight a champions league team who have regularly pumped Scottish teams these last few years and we have played 9 games as a new team. Get yourself to fuck ya negative doom monger muppet.
  15. His profile is as sad and desperate as his journalism, i mean his eyes are his best feature? he looks like one of they mhanky alky beggar silty eyed bastards in Glasgow city centre, what a sad, sad pitiful individual, devoid of objectivity and dignity.
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