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  1. Brilliant hearing it getting belted out - loved the new words as well!
  2. Stop being so naive at the back. We cannot leave 2 average paced centre backs isolated against forwards that have speed. Other than that please just win!
  3. Is he obligated to give a press conference before every game? Can he outsource to Davie Weir or one of our players every so often?
  4. I wonder if he will start to make himself less available to the press. Pretty much one if not two press conferences every week since the start of the season.
  5. Outstanding again - captured the special day perfectly. Thanks.
  6. Had a day out planned for that game as well. Just do not understand why the Famous Glasgow Rangers cannot cope with losing a couple of kids when we are at home to Dumbarton. I disagreed with McCoist doing it and the same applies with Warburton. He always states that no matter who he picks the team does not weaken - if that is the case why the need to postpone? My only grumble with our manager thus far.
  7. Great video as always - cheers. So many good chances - unbelievable that it took us till the last minute to take the lead.
  8. A very short term of contract to be signing at the age of 16. I wonder if one side more than the other was not prepared to commit for a longer period??
  9. Yes spot on. We are a young team, with inexperienced players. This will not be our last defeat this season, nor will we win 4 or 5 each week. These defeats are required in order to know where we need to improve. Maybe some of our fans will start to be more realistic now!?!
  10. Aye, I read that thread - some crazy talk. What some need to realise is that although games in the top division look shit, these players are generally stronger, really well organised and do not miss the chances that teams in our division will. Tonight was a perfect example. However as I said before, we should hopefully learn a valuable lesson - first being do not leave 2 average paced centre halves exposed against a fast striker!
  11. Exactly - and those on here that constantly say we will pump the opposition by 4 or 5 every week, know absolutely fuck all about football. However, hopefully the manager and players will use tonight to recognise what we need to work on in order to improve.
  12. Still think we have a long way to go defensively - taigs would beat us. Easiest draw at home please.
  13. Craig is a bluenose - no worries there.
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