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  1. Can't say i am confident unfortunately. Have a feeling it will be too much for some of our first timers - can see Garner getting a red for some rash mid air challenge. Hopefully i am wrong - won't be the first time.
  2. Technically outstanding - needs to 'learn' to play consistently at this higher level. Those of you that expect the same level of performance and consistency every time you jump up a level, just do not understand football.
  3. The performance was definitely not awful. We have problems that need to be addressed and should be addressed - we all know what they are. Some of the play going forward was exceptional - overlaps, reverse passing, third man running, one touch, two touch, round the corner - it was all there and it was great to watch and Dundee could not cope when we got it right. Consistency is not there yet. At times, especially in the second half, poor passing let us down, resulting in loss of possession which results in the opposition breaking on us. Also, defensively we struggle at set pieces.
  4. Any chances for Dundee were caused by our own slack passing or lack of shape (an issue in itself!) However, at no time did Dundee dominate possession or have us under sustained pressure.
  5. C'mon Rangers. Hope the players thrive on the atmosphere. Loud and proud bears.
  6. Of all the positions, goalkeeper is my biggest worry. I think Wes is good, but no more than that. We were suspect at the back last year and Wes played a part in that, so i was hoping for an improvement in that position.
  7. I see some are complaining that we are showing common sense these days - deary me.
  8. Football wise, then maybe. I trust the manager, therefore if he wants him then fair enough. However, as a person absolutely not. I have the same feeling about this guy as I had with Black, which is this guy should not wear our jersey. These guys just attract problems, either via the press or on the pitch. Also, not sure what impact he will have on our dressing room - although I just cant see it being positive.
  9. Absolutely brilliant Jules - thanks!
  10. Today yes - lets see how we feel in a few years time. I do know that today feels fucking amazing though!
  11. So moving multiple players around to still end up with an inferior player out wide is worth doing? Not for me mate.
  12. It's football, shit happens and players get injured. Some of you changing 3 or 4 positions because 1 player is out is madness. Play the usual way, pick a replacement and get on with it. My choice would be Law.
  13. Getting excited for this now. Over Saturday and looking forward to a 4-0 win and Ibrox bouncing. Cmon Rangers.
  14. Absolutely ridiculous booking. I think he ran behind the goals after scoring and that is all I can think of. Getting booked for that is just pathetic.
  15. Which is more sensible anyway tbh.
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