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  1. Quite gutted TBH Liked Charles Green, Will be interested to find out the reason for his decision to step down.
  2. Watched there valiant attempt to display there banner from just behind them in the Govan rear, Comedy gold 10 out of 10 for persistence.
  3. Sorry can't let that slide, How did WS contribute to our financial mess? Walter was the man who broke cover to reveal LTSB were running the club.
  4. Champions again....Champions again.......Champions again are we are we (Repeat about 20 times)
  5. The Rhebal the paper who exposed Whyte as a liar and a thief.. Now he's a credible source? GTF
  6. Stopped reading after 'Whyte planning 50 million legal battle'....... Whyte is going to sue... All been said before. Was he not rolled out by a compliant media just before the Share option with similar claims (lies). With season books renewals on the horizon, we have an orchestrated media campaign of the last week. A deliberate attempt to divide the support. Ally will be going no where he has a remit to build a squad for next season.
  7. It's getting relentless now. I expect a statement every day next week from CG. The media are muck racking and trying to put an element of doubt into the mix. Classic bheast tactics.
  8. Another hatchet job by a supposed 'fan'?? Iain King who wrote Wee Barry's book. Bomber who's main backers were tims. And dodgy ones at that. CG has picked up the pieces of the mess and has taken us over the first hurdle. He will be the one which history shows saved Rangers. Not some google eye who took us to the brink.
  9. Had to rewind it, but he did say it. Sounded quite pissed off but the responce has been made and it was to the point. The media have had a pretty clear agenda against CG since he has taken over. From day one we have had not to buy season books, The BBC and there smear campaign, The papers have been ramping up the retoric over the last week just as renewals and reconstruction is ongoing. I expect CG to come out fighting as he has done since day one. I trust CG and think that the mess which Whyte left has alot of us with suspisions of any new owner, and Whyte is now trying to use that mistrust h
  10. Do the SFA not still owe us money for Davis and Fleck? Has there been an outcome to the dispute with these other players? Get the feeling that the pressure is being ramped up so they can make a grab at the tv rights again.
  11. Well done mate. One of those memories no one can take from you.
  12. Ally can't be happy to win the title like this, can he?
  13. we look very shaky every time they get the ball. Does Hutton never get subbed?
  14. Half time Not to much between the teams. Templeton and Wallace linking well but someone needs to fill in for Wallace when he is bombing forward all there balls into the box have came from that space. We need a goal and the best chance of that would be from Templeton.
  15. Off topic at the bottom of the page you can get a tim dart board for 79p. Great value.
  16. The performances have not been great, but will not stop me celebrating when it happens. Will remember this season for the positive things, some cracking away days, good few quality goals, progress of some of the younger players. This season is a step back to the top.
  17. FFS Why the constant talk of moving to England. Happy for us to explore the options test the water but every secound week in the papers is getting tiresome. Unless this is going to happen next season would rather hear what our strategy will be on the park next season. Plans for youth development. CG and his team have been excellent since coming in, good things happening off the park. We now need to start getting things right on the park. And letting the supporters know what the plans are would be a good start.
  18. At the start of the season he was not getting a game, alot of people were asking why. Over the last month I think he has shown his attitude to be wrong on and off the park. Everyone wants the youngsters to train more to improve as players if they can't see that they will never make it.
  19. Great post. Sums up the way alot of people are feeling.
  20. Well done wee man, hopefully gets a start on Saturday.
  21. Good luck to him. Had we not been on a tight window he would have been no where near Ibrox. Panic buy.
  22. Think he would be a half decent striker who could link well with Little, as long as we play 2 up front. Hope he is the oldest player we bring in over the summer.
  23. Voted No Saturday was the worst game I have ever been to but the player must take there share of flak for the performance or lack of it. I would like Ally to get a crack at next season, we have years invested in Ally as Assistant and now Manager. Ally needs to be harder with the players but the biggest problem is lack of competition for places and no consequences if someone has a bad game. He needs to be given pre - season the start of next season if that means we replace a coach to bring in a different one with fresh ideas. We have too much invested in Ally just to get rid.
  24. Neil Patey from Ernst & Young. Has always dealt with facts when it comes to Rangers, I'm sure i've seen on another thread a while ago he is a Bear. Would trust what he says above Gerry & Keevins.
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