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  1. Was in the south stand, when we went in asked a steward where our seats were. Ticket said Row G seat 49. The steward took us to seats with 149,150 etc steward said all the seats had the wrong number on them. Couple of guys in front of us who had a problem with finding there seats. Was a bit of a shambles don't think they have ever seen so many fans.
  2. Pleased with the result and performance today, vast improvement on previous away days. Couple of dodgy moments but alot better.
  3. Glad Green has came back with a fast response to the Sun article. Green was trying to show in a positive light how far we have come since he took over, the sun have twisted it into a negative. I have not bought a paper since February as I was sick of the negative shit about my Club. If Green is going to give an exclusive to anyone he should keep it to the website or Matchday programe.
  4. Don't think Sky & ESPN will see it that way when they look at the viewing figures. The tv deal you needed Rangers to get. What are the details of the tv deal again?
  5. We heard the goalie calling out 'craig in the secound half to the guy, for the rest of the game 'craig' was getting it tight. 5 mins before the end he turned round and shouted WATP. Everyone was in stitches after that. One of the guys from the local supporters buses told us he went down to games. Great day out the pub on the North road was jumping before the game.
  6. We have to go above the heads of the regional office and go straight to the head office in London. The one sided bias from this mob has been obvious for years, any negative story about us and they are on it in a shot, even the positives they like to put a negative spin on it. Glad they have been banned they won't be missed.
  7. Looked like a sore one. Hope he comes back in with a bit more confidence and gets a couple of goals.
  8. My voice has gone, head is thumping but well worth it after last night.
  9. Was in the Govan Rear didn't get a great view of it. Thought it was a well fan running on. Great atmosphere and result.
  10. Seen that as well don't know if it was on the telly, quite shocking he got so close.
  11. Anyone else see the loony Motherwell fan who got on the park at the end? A steward managed to get him, but he looked as if he was heading for Cribari. Cops were obviously busy filming BF1.
  12. Would take any Team at Ibrox, would prefer the sheep at home.
  13. Thought he was immense tonight, put his foot in when needed. Calm on the ball passing was class, had a point to prove, stand out player of the night.
  14. Excellent work raman you have created your own negative Rangers story. Your bosses will be pleased.
  15. FFS another 330k being held by the SFA, have they paid us the reported 800k for Davis yet? Charlie needs to keep up the pressure on this mob the cracks are begining to show. I wish we could get a reporter who could ask some probing questions of doncaster & rhegan, instead of golum from the bbc and raman from stv. The last interview was a stage managed joke.
  16. I need to leave at 5 to get through, 7:15 is a poor start time. Is it because the games on the telly?
  17. Thought he was great when he came on today, Very pacy, good touch had a nice nutmeg on there right back at the end. Good debut from the young man.
  18. 2 positive stories in the sun in a matter of days, The SFL seem to be the only organisation who comes out of this situation with any credability. They have stepped up to the plate to back our claim of a predetermined outcome from the SPL investigation. The more this is highlighted the more pressure is put onto doncaster & reagan.
  19. Good news about Addidas, Edminston club coming back would be great and bring more revenue to the club. Would be intresting to see if the G51 project would be to bring a hotel to develop near the stadium. Also noticed on Tuesday that someone from the club must have phoned GCC to get the grass cut on the waste ground accross from the stadium.
  20. Referee was Steve o'reilly which says it all, some of the decisions were shocking, have never seen a Keeper booked during a penalty shoot out before, Was in the govan rear there right back should have went for the challenge on shiels, worst referee ever.
  21. Alexander took a bit of a sore one on Saturday, Never seen Gallacher play but think he should be able to step up if needed.
  22. We have another 3 away games on 3G. Can't believe we did not train on our own 3G park.
  23. The game wasn't pretty but we got the result. Away form has not been great but I have seen enough at home games to still have confidence in turning it around.
  24. We won away to Falkirk probably our hardest away game so far. Ally can turn the away form round. He knows what's expected we have 3 home games on the bounce which should build the confidence for the next away fixture.
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