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  1. Utd’s forwards couldn’t believe the time and space they had and fucked it. Like you said, should’ve just been hit - back of the net or row z, either is a decent outcome at that stage of the match.
  2. If this goes to the cards and is anything but a Usyk win you have to be thinking shady judging.
  3. I was in my usual seat Main Stand Front and it is a bit disconcerting to look up and see the Club Deck visibly shaking above you. Some atmosphere yesterday, especially after the goal. A few lads from my bus commented that it’s the loudest they’ve ever heard Ibrox.
  4. Yogi Hughes has been pretty complimentary about us but he’s hardly a regular in the media.
  5. Was just starting to get over last week’s result, but that score line tonight has reignited how pissed off I am at us fucking a great chance to get in the groups.
  6. Had a look at the website and judging by the available sections, there looks to be 40,000+ tickets sold. However, knowing the website it could be completely wrong with the seating plan.
  7. Not a patch on Jamesie Ba-hoy and Just us Tims - my god I’d love to hear what those fuckwits were saying if they started that podcast back up.
  8. Fucking sickening how quickly the media spin has turned - from second choice clueless Aussie to the man who is re-inventing how football should be played. Suppose it’ll be all the sweeter when that mob and their ‘Angeball’ get scudded out the Champions League qualifiers.
  9. Barkas at left back and Marshall centre mid😉
  10. Was never fussed about Scotland but post 2012 I’ve developed a bit of a dislike for them.
  11. Thought she was shacked up with her old team mate Kelly Smith for a bit, my bad if I’ve got that wrong.
  12. Ticks the boxes for the ‘Woke’ brigade; ethnic minority, female and a lesbian. Just missing a disability for the full house.
  13. Absolutely heart wrenching - please pull through this.
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