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  1. viplivesports link is horrendous tonight. can anyone provide a stream thats working well ?
  2. he can't be doing enough at training to only merit being on the bench 6 times a season or when everyone else is injured
  3. thanks for your positive input on Allan. I've never seen him play, but I like to hear someone being the stand out player on the park. OK it may not mean too much, but it's encouraging
  4. I'd have preferred Townsend, but he's signed a loan with Leeds
  5. I do the over 2.5 goals aswell..here's mine for today.. Bolton/Man City West Ham/Leeds Celtic/Saints PSG/Valenciennes Over 2.5 goals in each game, £10 on, £87 return West Ham/Leeds Celtic/Saints Zulte Waregam/Brugge Over 2.5 goals in each game, £10 on, £40 return and I've put a 5 teamer on too.. Man City, Ajax, PSV, Standard Liege, AZ Alkamaar £10 on, £76 return
  6. Most yanks talk shite. Remember him for his football, not his daft opinion. He played very well for us during his time here
  7. Soooooo true, Coisty and Whyte's player choices will not be affected by opinions on here. There is a world outside of the electronic era, although the volume of some members post tallys seem to disagree. Roll on the footie season and the end of the transfer window
  8. both of those tops are braw i'd buy both
  9. i like the idea, but asking 45,000 to remember "hypocrisy" instead of the original words, is just not going to happen easily. I wish it would though cos every Bear loves TBB. It needs to be brought back without the original 2words that offend the one-eyed mob. Nobody can ban the song if it's changed to "hypocrisy"
  10. I'm ashamed that we can't produce any kind of decent football against them. From memory I can only remember a few passages of play where we did well, but in the end it didn't lead to any efforts on goal which is a joke
  11. I've thought about Bougherra playing right wing for us before. Certainly not the left. To be brutally honest, he's been piss poor at CH this season, he needs to concentrate on doing the job correctly that he's paid handsomely for.
  12. Archie Campbell, Rory Loy, Kane Hemmings..
  13. hmmmmm..changing my mind now. Apparently Hamilton have 6/7 players out for todays game (suspensions & injuries)
  14. there's a reason we're 18s for -5, winning by 6 goals won't happen
  15. I wanted Adam to stay with us, when we sold him. He did the right thing, as he was never going to get into our CM. Well played Charlie son, well played
  16. I'm glad he's signing a new contract, if it's only for 1 year...well, I'm sure contracts will be re-negotiated if this takeover happens
  17. It may feel like Celtic go for the same players that we do from time to time. You can blame that on the agents though, they will try to play both sides of the OF off against each other to get his client the best offer possible. We and Celtic will be offered the same players regularly because we both offer regular European football, largest support, the potential of best wages in Scotland and winning trophies. I still don't think that Celtic monitor all our signings, they are offered the same players. It deffo has seemed like they have in the past though and it's worked in our favour ie Looven
  18. this doesn't mean that they monitor every signing
  19. i understand and half agree with your point bud. Yet these guys probably average running somewhere between 7-11km per game. I don't mean this disrespectfully, but if you slapped a pedometer on ya for your game, would you have done 10k over 90 mins ? (i realise they are pro's, they train for this , etc. but ya get my point ?)
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