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  1. Just listened to this... his arrogance is an absolute brass neck. He couldn't believe the bid that we accepted for him... delusions of grandeur!
  2. You’d be as well subscribing for the month mate at that price. That’s what I do and currently watching the game after just finishing work. At least if you subscribe, you’ll get the game and the rest of the content (which is first class) for the month.
  3. I’ve been critical of Ejaria at times but fair fucks to the boy, credit where it’s due. He played well tonight.
  4. If it does come to that, I can’t see him going anywhere... except Anfield. I’m sure he will want to stay with us until he feels he has built a legacy.
  5. Fingers crossed. No more seeing 2015 Puma kits still on the shelves with a ‘SALE - £45’ tag attached.
  6. Wins against teams like that will build great momentum which we can take into the domestic league. We can continue by hammering St Mirren at the weekend and sending a message. Stevie G is bringing the feelgood factor back. Long may it continue.
  7. Down... possibly injured. Back up. Nae pussying about. Dusted himself down... then scored. Exactly the dig we’ve missed. First class.
  8. His opinion is irrelevant. Only tweets fishing for likes and trying to stay in the public eye.
  9. I must no be looking hard enough ? Thank fuck I’m not the only one.
  10. Completely agree. Not seen anyone mention Tavenier’s part in us conceeding.
  11. Good to see plenty of the youth get a run out. I may have missed the reason why, but why was Ovie Ejaria not involved last night?
  12. Done more in his first 10 minutes than Windass did the whole time he was on.
  13. Just watched today’s training video on RTV. Scunners the life out of me seeing Warburton’s duds still hanging about.
  14. IF there is something in this, then Hodson needs to be sold or released. Let’s face it, he will never come back to the standard required.
  15. I’d like to see McCrorie in goals for at least a half, see how he fairs at Ibrox in front of a big crowd. Hopefully push him on this year, more so If Foderingham or Alnwick are for the off.
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