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  1. Charlie Adam said that that's a friend and not his agent.
  2. Birmingham Live are reading this forum and printing some of the comments. Rangers fans have been reacting on the Rangers Media messageboard. One said: “He’s off. Brendan ditched them and Gerrard looks like ditching us. That’s sadly where our mickey mouse tin pot league leaves us.” Another said: “Trying my best not to get drawn into this, going to wait until there’s concrete news from the club. Hate all this rumour carry on, this journo said this, this source said that. Would be enough to make your head spin.” A third added: “Oh dear oh dear!! Gotta imagine Beale etc will go as part of his team too… Proper hard one on who will be the next manager tbh!!! Genuinely no clue!!” Finally: “Can’t see anything but a massive decline if its true. Season will fall to bits. I’ll be fuming if he does ditch us although not shocked.”
  3. Glad to see that the Ross County v hibs game will now be played on Wednesday night. Didn't want them to get 10 day rest before our game on Sunday.
  4. That's devastating news. Such a True Legend.
  5. Looks like they've got a few players out through injury as well as Glenn Middleton ineligible.
  6. Rangers or celtic - who has the more valuable squad? All 12 Scottish Premiership squads ranked by total market value Our value £93.78 million, them £59.18
  7. The Ibrox side have confirmed three positive tests among the players and coaching staff while several more will have to isolate.
  8. We need to get our act together or we'll be out of that as well.
  9. They were well rested. They haven't played since their game against Helsinki last Tuesday. They have a game on Saturday afternoon before they play us, so probably not quite so fresh. It will be a different game at Ibrox and I'm confident we will get the win.
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